‘Midnight Never Come’: Guest Blog and Reviews

Marie Brennan - Midnight Never Come (UK)Marie Brennan, author of Midnight Never Come (UK/US) is guest blogging over at miladyinsanity about the perks of being a writer:

Then — cue the world’s smallest violin — the travel stopped. Well, not stopped, precisely; there was a stretch of time in graduate school where I averaged one out-of-state trip every month for a year and a half. But this wasn’t the exciting travel I’d done before, colorful places with fascinating sights. These were weekend jaunts to conventions or academic conferences, where I saw the exciting interiors of one hotel after another….

Last year, I figured out the best scam EVER for getting travel back into my life.

You can also read miladyinsanity’s fantastic, four star review of Midnight Never Come here.

In other great reviews, Fantasy Book Critic says:

Historical fantasies are hit-or-miss for me, so I was a little wary when starting Marie Brennan’s “Midnight Never Come”, but it wasn’t long before the book had me entranced and by the time the ending was in sight, I was doing everything in my power to make the novel last as long as possible. Spectacularly researched, beautifully imagined, and utterly charming, “Midnight Never Come” is as magical and spellbinding as the fae inhabiting Marie Brennan’s Onyx Court…(Read more)

Interested in finding out what all the fuss is about and getting a chance to win £250/$500 in book vouchers? Check out the Midnight Never Come site at www.midnightnevercome.com