Deals and Deliveries: 5 (!) new deliveries

Its been a busy few months at Orbit US and I should mention some titles that were delivered recently. Hm…It’s very interesting how they all come in together. Now perhaps I can slack and get my cabana boy to bring me my margaritas. . .

First, MONSTER by A. Lee Martinez has delivered. An exciting story about Monster, who specializes in pest control, for — you guessed it — monsters!! (May 2009)

Avery Cates is back in THE ETERNAL PRISON, with more bullets, action, and more government factions than what is currently in the political horizon ;) (August 2009)

THE HUNDRED THOUSAND KINGDOMS, by N.K. Jemisin is lushly imaginative world where a young woman becomes an heir and must contest for the throne of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, where gods, family and murder all go hand in hand. (Fall/Winter 2009)

SOULLESS by Gail Carriger introduces Alexia Tarabotti, a preternatural who gets involved with the politics of Victorian London when she “accidently” kills a vampire. (Fall/Winter 2009)

We also have in Karin Lowachee’s GAS LIGHT DOGS. Very different from her previous military science fiction novels, this is a Victorian era steampunk novel in the style of Philip Pullman taking us from the Arctic North to steeped rooftops of civilization and the savages to the east. (Fall/Winter 2009)