NYCC: Parasol Protectorate Covers Are Coming!

If you were at NYCC this weekend, you may have met some of our Parasol Protectorate ambassadors dressed in their Steampunk and Victorian best and giving out buttons for Gail Carriger’s books. Thank you greatly to Evelyn Kriete (who runs Steampunk Fashion and Jabborwhalky productions), G.D. Falksen (author, blogger, and moderator of the Steampunk 101 panel), Jeni Hellum (who blogs about Multiculturalism in Steampunk), and Joseph Hernandez (of Penny Dreadful Productions). I will point them out when I start uploading the Parasol Protectorate book covers made from the pictures I have of everyone looking fantastic both wandering around NYCC and everyone who came to the Steampunk photo meetup Saturday night.

Now, back to retouching for me! After the jump, some Steampunk links for you to enjoy while waiting for covers to be released and flickr uploads to process…

Here’s Some tips on making a great Steampunk costume on a budget from the NYCC Steampunk panels.

Gasp in awe and appreciate some serious craftsmanship walking around this NYCC with the Steampunk Boba Fett and the Steampunk Iron Man (winner of the Marvel Costume Contest) both by Matt Silva & Penny Dreadful Productions

Steampunk newbie? Here’s a Steampunk 101.

And finally, a timeline of Steampunk/Alternate history