Parasol Protectorate Covers: VOTE NOW!

Ladies and Gentlemen! After a short delay for design magicking, I am excited to present the first team of the new Parasol Protectorate covers! You may remember I was taking pictures of all the fabulous Steampunk costumes at New York Comic Con, and I promised to make them into Parasol Protectorate covers. I think they came out so fantastically, we shall have a CONTEST!

We will be releasing a group a day all this week, and I want you to vote for ONE cover in the comments for each day this week. On Monday we will tally the results and have a second round of the winners of each day, pitted against each other for Steampunk glory! And maybe a prize…I have to see what we’ve got around the office…I’ve got some post-it notes?

Anyway, enjoy today’s 5 covers in full size after the jump!

Rules are simple: Please vote for only one cover per day. And vote for the covers by title “Fearless” etc. And yes, you can totally vote for yourself!

Good luck to everyone, but I have to say, everyone’s costumes blew me away! I don’t know who to vote for myself!