Greg Bear on How Videogames Affect Writing

Greg Bear, author of the upcoming Hull Zero Three, talks about the relationship between videogames and writing over on And, he settles the age old debate (that age being about five years ago) “are games art?”

Roger Ebert has said that video games cannot be art. Similar judgments have been made over the decades and centuries about novels, plays, movies, television, comic books, and of course science fiction.Now, videogames are up in front of the Supreme Court. Once again a new and innovative form of art and entertainment is being put through an almost ritualized process of legal justification.

My take? The Supreme Court will decide video games are protected speech. And video games are definitely capable of being art.

It’s definitely worth the read and includes some interesting tidbits about the upcoming book. Check it out!

Hull Zero Three will be available on November 22.