Robert Jackson Bennett Gets Personal

Robert Jackson Bennett, author of The Troupe (US | UK | ANZ), recently took some time out of his busy writing schedule to introduce us to his new project.

When someone asked me what I would title my autobiography, I immediately said, A Sexual Experience: The Robert Jackson Bennett Story. This produced a sprinkling of light applause in the room, and I decided it’d be cruel of me to limit my sexual charisma to a story all about myself. It’d be like clipping the wings of a beautiful parrot, or setting a whale on fire, or something.

So I knew it would have to be a novel.

Now, Orbit does not publish such sublimely graphic material – and nor does any publishing house catering to the North American market – but they have kindly given me the opportunity of pitching my novel directly to you, the reader.

So, please enjoy. And you may want to wear oven mitts while you watch this – it often inspires people to… massage themselves.

Robert’s The Company Man (US | UK | ANZ) received a Special Citation of Excellence from the Philip K. Dick Award earlier this month, and is up for an Edgar Award for Best Original Paperback tonight, April 26th!