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Debating Space

Debatable Space JacketThe Book Swede has an interview with Debatable Space author Philip Palmer over at his blog. Be sure to check it out – and keep an eye out for Debatable Space, (US/UK) debuting worldwide January 2008!

You can also read an extract from what’s sure to become one of the most talked-about books of next year over at Philip Palmer’s blog.

A Very Jaz Parks Halloween

Happy Halloween from everyone here at Orbit! In honor of this most scary holiday, Jennifer Rardin, author of Once Bitten, Twice Shy (US / UK ) and the upcoming Another One Bites the Dust, has written us a Jaz Parks treat!

Taking Out the Trash: A Jaz Parks Mini-Mission

The demon appeared just as the president’s psychics had predicted, clattering from the furnace of the deserted glass blowing studio. He saw us immediately, targeting him with the only weapon that would vanquish him. A bazooka whose charges were packed mainly with shredded law books. Apparently to this devil, justice was a killer.

“Wait!” he squeaked. “Avarice! Apartheid! What the hell is the word!” He banged his knobby knuckles against his forehead so hard they left red marks.

Vayl and I traded puzzled looks as he screamed, “I’m not the one you want! Please!” He went to his knees, probably staining his white pants. Since it was Halloween, it made sense that he wore a sailor suit. And people might actually buy that his bulbous nose and square, yellow teeth were part of a mask—if he survived the night. It was our job to see he didn’t.
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Devices and Desires

desires.gif Devices and Desires is getting terrific reviews for its US launch. The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly said:

“Parker’s intricately plotted and meticulously detailed book, the first in a proposed trilogy, moves as deliberately and precisely as an antique watch.”

Publishers Weekly called it an “exquisite feat of literary engineering.” And in the December issue of Realms of Fantasy Magazine, Paul Witcover says:

“…the first volume of the Engineer Trilogy is an audacious and utterly captivating novel that, like the great Gormenghast books of Mervyn Peake, eschews magic in the creation and elaboration of an intricately detailed fantasy world.”

Read chapter one of the book right here. Book two, Evil for Evil, is out now in the UK, and will be in stateside stores this November.

The Kick Ass Heroines. Where have they gone?

Sarah over at Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books has a lot to say about Jennifer Rardin’s Once Bitten Twice Shy — and lot of it has to do with how Jasmine “Jaz” Parks kicks serious ass. They’re hilarious and irreverent and I have to say, I love their taste in books!

Jeff Somers Geeks out

Jeff Somers has achieved a trifecta of geekery, with a review of The Electric Church on Aint It Cool, another review at the indispensable CHUD.com, and an interview in Your Mom’s Basement.

Elsewhere, at Ficlets, he talks about the book’s journey to publication.

Raves for Rardin

Once Bitten, Twice Shy is getting great reviews! The The New York Post featured it in their “Required Reading” column, and over at Katie’s Reading, Katie says:

“Before I started reading Once Bitten, Twice Shy I had read several reviews that claimed that this was a good book, a great book even. But in no way was I prepared for how truly wonderful Once Bitten, Twice Shy turned out to be. I loved it, plain and simple as that.”

Curious? Get to know Jaz with this excerpt, and then stop by Jennifer’s blog to meet the author.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy Banner

Survive the Future

Are you a US resident? Are you concerned about surviving (and thriving!) in a future populated by cybernetic monks and brutal security forces? If you answered yes, check out the near-future-dystopia-survival-kit sweepstakes at the Orbiteer. And be sure to sign up to our newsletter for upcoming contests and exclusives.

Win a Bite of Once Bitten…

Scifichick.com is hosting a giveaway of Jennifer Rardin’s Once Bitten, Twice Shy. Stop by for a chance to win.

Number One!

Congratulations to Karen Miller, whose second novel, The Awakened Mage (out this week), has charged straight to the top of the SFF paperback bestseller charts in the UK. In the US, both The Innocent Mage and The Awakened Mage are among the Top 5 mass-market fantasy bestsellers. Karen is very happy — and so are we!

Dystopian Dreamin’

Over at BN.com, Paul Di Filippo writes about the history of SF dystopias, and says of The Electric Church:

Somers’ strategy of blending Invasion of the Body Snatchers with allusions to contemporary cults coats this profane, kickass thriller with a veneer of social commentary reminiscent of some Galaxy-era novel reinterpreted by Warren Ellis.

Read the whole piece here.

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