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Christopher Brookmyre

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Christopher Brookmyre was a journalist before becoming a full time novelist with the publication of Quite Ugly One Morning. Since the publication of A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away he and his family decided to move away from Aberdeen and now live near Glasgow. Oh, yes.

Books by Christopher Brookmyre

Books by Christopher Brookmyre


Since his award-winning debut novel Quite Ugly One Morning, Christopher Brookmyre has established himself as one of Britain's leading crime novelists. He says this hasn't stopped his fans from asking him to write something more futuristic instead, and he hopes they have as much fun reading Bedlam as he did writing it. Life is just a game, after all . . .

Christopher is developing a computer game based on Bedlam with a UK-based games company REDBEDLAM, due for release in 2014.

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