Orbit UK’s 12 Days of Ebook: the complete list

So you’ve got your shiny new electronic device . . . and now you’re wondering: hmmmm, what lovely SFF reads can I put on it?  

We know that online browsing can be a little tricky sometimes, so for a little bit of festive inspiration we’ve put together “Orbit’s 12 Days of Ebooks” to let you know just what’s hot in electronic format to get you buzzing this festive period.

Orbit UK's 12 days of ebooks

It goes without saying that all the new titles Orbit publishes have an ebook edition available, so you can look at our schedule to see what’s been out over the past year and what’s in store for 2012.

But for each of the 12 festive days below, there are also some blasts from Orbit’s past, because a whole range of books that we’ve published in years gone by are now available in ebook too. Take a peek to see what goodies lie in store – from undisputed classic authors to some of our own personal favourites . . .

Go ahead and dive right in. Oh, and don’t forget to have a very happy festive period and new year!

Day 1: David Gemmell

Day 2: Charles Stross

Day 3: Robert Jordan’s Conan books

Day 4: Orson Scott Card

Day 5: Kate Elliott

Day 6: David Brin

Day 7: Karen Miller /K. E. Mills

Day 8: Lilith Saintcrow

Day 9: Elizabeth Moon

Day 10: Chris Bunch

Day 11: Robert Buettner

Day 12: Ian Irvine


Day 1

Orbit's 1st day of its 12 days of ebooks

David Gemmell

Did you know that we’ve recently released a whole host of David Gemmell’s titles in ebook?

It’s fair to say that David Gemmell is the true champion of heroic fantasy. With over a million copies of his books sold worldwide, he’s best known for what’s now considered a classic of the genre: LEGENDfirst published in 1984. It’s a tale revolving around Druss the Axeman, the greatest hero of the Drenai people – and is a shining example of all that Gemmell’s best known for: characters that are utterly believable, tales of courage in the face of extreme odds and epic adventure on a grand scale.

David wrote over thirty books in his lifetime, and he now even has a fantasy award named after him.  Look out for our reissues of the Drenai series which will be coming in May 2012, but you can get hold of all the following ebooks right now. Check them out and experience the legend that is David Gemmell today.

The Drenai Saga:The cover for the classic of heroic fantasy, Legend by David Gemmell







The Stone of Power novels:

The cover for the fantasy book GHOST KING by bestselling author David Gemmell





The Jon Shannow novels:



BLOODSTONEThe cover for the fantasy book Morningstar by bestselling author David Gemmell

 The Hawk Queen books:








Day 2

Orbit's 2nd day of its 12 days of ebooks

Charles Stross

Did you know all of Charlie Stross’s novels with Orbit are available as ebooks?

the cover for Charle's Stross's Haltring State, showing a mani in a suit, an Orc, and Charles Stroos himself as digital computer game characters on a white backgroundHave you read the Laundry series yet? Well, why not? This mixed up group of British spies and bureaucrats are the only people standing between us and eldritch horrors from the hell dimensions. Funny, satirical and full of some brilliant characters, this series starts with THE ATROCITY ARCHIVES, THE JENNIFER MORGUE and THE FULLER MEMORANDUM. (The fourth book in the series, THE APOCALYPSE CODEX, will be released from Orbit next year.)

Charlie’s got an unusual, futurist way of looking at the world, and this especially comes across in his visionary novels set in the very near future, such as HALTING STATE and RULE 34. In HALTING STATE we get a look into the software companies who develop MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games – such as World of Warcraft). When a large heist is pulled off, the company hires an unlikely team of investigators, however there’s just one catch – the robbers were a gang of Orcs, and the cash may have been smuggled over the border into another reality…

The cover to Charles Stross's book Rule 34, featuring a gun, a computer mouse, a pair of handcuffs and a pixelated dead cartoon figure.RULE 34 (and let’s read XKCD for an explanation of where that title comes from) is set fifteen minutes in the future. DI Liz Kavanaugh spends her days policing internet porn and her career went down the pan five years ago. But when a fetishist dies on her watch, the Rule 34 Squad moves from low priority to worryingly high profile. RULE 34 has been called ‘a diamond-sharp piece of SF… a seriously entertaining and twisted crime thriller’ – SFX Magazine.

If you prefer your SF to be set a little further into the future, SINGULARITY SKY is a post singularity space opera set in a world where the unseen but never unfelt force known as the Eschaton maintains the laws of relativity and cause-and-effect with an iron fist, until a challenger appears in the form of the Festival. IRON SUNRISE is its sequel.

SATURN’S CHILDREN is another novel for far future science fiction fans. Freya Nakamachi-47 has some major existential issues. She’s the perfect concubine, designed to please her human masters; there’s just one problem: she came off the production line a year after the human species went extinct. Whatever else she may be, she’s gloriously obsolete. But the job she’s taken as a courier has drawn her to the attention of powerful and dangerous people, and they don’t just want the package she’s carrying. They want her soul.

Standalone SF novel ACCELERANDO is a family saga that follows three generations of a dysfunctionally postmodern lineage right through a Vingean singularity, as recounted by the family’s robot cat. It’s much, much weirder than that, though…

GLASSHOUSE is a claustrophobic far-future helter-skelter ride through an experimental archaeology project gone horribly wrong.

WIRELESS: THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION is a collection of Stross’s short stories. Centred around the Hugo-nominated novella Palimpsest, and including the Locus Award-winning Missile Gap, Wireless is an essential collection for anybody who enjoys cutting edge SF.



Day 3

Orbit's 3rd day of its 12 days of ebooks

Robert Jordan’s Conan books

Seen the recent flim version of Conan and desperate for more barbarian action with big axes and even bigger monsters? Then look no further.

Robert Jordan is, of course, known to millions of fantasy fans worldwide as the author of the epic Wheel of Time fantasy series. But before embarking on his masterpiece, Jordan cut his writing teeth by penning several stories featuring Robert E. Howard’s famous literary creation, Conan the Barbarian. So pick up these ebooks and follow Conan’s exploits during the Hyborean Age, as he battles deadly creatures, thwarts the plans of evil cults and risks his life in search of fabled treasure.

For Conan, there are only ever two choices: death or glory.

Front cover for The Conan Chronicles Volume One, showing Conan riding a horse with a castle in the background

THE CONAN CHRONICLES VOLUME 1 features the following tales of high adventure and evil sorceries:-

Conan the Invincible

Conan the Defender

Conan the Unconquered


THE CONAN CHRONICLES VOLUME TWO features further tales of Conan:-

Conan the Destroyer

Conan the Magnificent

Conan the Triumphant

This volume also features Conan the Indestructible – a history of Conan’s life and times, by L. Sprague de Camp.



Day 4

Orbit's 4th day of its 12 days of ebooks

Orson Scott Card

There’s a huge amount of buzz surrounding Orson Scott Card at the moment.  The first reason is that it’s recently been announced that the movie of his most famous novel ENDER’S GAME is finally going to be making it to the big screen in 2013, and more and more news is being released about the line-up of stars who will feature in it.

The cover for the classic novel ENDER'S GAME by Orson Scott CardThe second reason is that ENDER’S GAME has also been selected as one of the featured books for the US’s first World Book Night in 2012. This event, intended to spread the love of reading, has been happening in the UK for a few years and the US is now adopting it. It’s a real measure of status for any novel selected for the event – proving the book is considered a must-read for the nation.

The tale of one boy’s harsh military training to become the leader of all leaders, ENDER’S GAME won both the Hugo and Nebula awards and is now considered a classic. On the outside it’s a thrilling and absorbing military adventure set in space, but it also has a much darker underbelly – exploring themes such as the morality of leadership and the corruption of youth. The novel is so well respected that it is now being taught more and more in schools, and has even featured on the US Marine Corps’ official reading list.

We reissued ENDER’S GAME with a shiny new cover at the start of this month, but did you know that we’ve also recently released this novel and the 3 books which follow it in the Ender Saga as ebooks? These books follow the story of our young protagonist Ender Wiggin, and his attempts to prevent further atrocities occurring in the universe following the intergalactic battles of ENDER’S GAME. The series consists of these four novels:





We’ve also released The Shadow Saga in ebook. It’s a series which runs in parallel to the Ender Saga, since it’s told from the point of view of Bean –  Ender’s small but mighty companion at Battle School. It contains the following four titles:

The cover for Ender's Shadow by bestselling and award-winning science fiction author Orson Scott CardENDER’S SHADOW




And last but certainly not least, we’ll be releasing ENDER IN EXILE on 19th Jan 2012. It’s a spin-off tale (or what’s delightfully referred to as an “interquel”) that occurs between the events of ENDER’S GAME and SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD – so not long to wait to make your Ender e-collection complete!



Day 5

Orbit's 5th day of its 12 days of ebooks

Kate Elliott

Did you know you can find all these Kate Elliott novels as Orbit ebooks?


‘A gripping and enthralling fantasy epic’ – The Times

the three covers for Kate Elliott's Crossroads trilogy of fantasy novels, Spirit Gate, Shadow Gate and Traitor's Gate

And we’re currently publishing Kate’s bestselling SPIRITWALKER series. COLD MAGIC and COLD FIRE have already been released in ebook and print to much acclaim, and COLD STEEL will follow in January 2013.

the two covers for the fantasy novels Cold Magic and Cold Fire, by Kate Elliott

There’s also her seven-book CROWN OF STARS series: KING’S DRAGON, PRINCE OF DOGS, THE BURNING STONE, CHILD OF FLAME, THE GATHERING STORM, IN THE RUINS, CROWN OF STARS. Look out for the e-release of these titles early in 2012.



Day 6

Orbit's 6th day of its 12 days of ebooks

David Brin

It’s difficult to find many science fiction authors who have won more awards than David Brin. With the Hugo, Nebula, Locus and Campbell award wins to his name, along with countless other nominations, it’s easy to see why David’s considered a Great of the science fiction genre. With a doctorate in Astrophysics and having been a consultant for NASA, he’s certainly qualified to talk about science and its future. And we’ve recently released his back list as ebooks – so that anyone who hasn’t been lucky enough to read him yet will now get their chance.

David Brin is most famous for his Uplift Universe – which centers around the concept of biological uplift. It’s a universe in which multiple intergalactic species exist, but no species becomes sentient until another “patron” race genetically modifies it, or rather “uplifts” it to be sentient. This series displays the limitless imagination and genius of the author, and he’s been lauded worldwide for his ability to tackle themes such as ecology and the morality of genetic modification with enormous skill and flair. The Uplift novels, now all available as ebooks, are the following:

SUNDIVERThe cover for the science fiction novel Sundiver by the award-winning David Brin






But David Brin’s got far more than the Uplift books under his belt. Firstly, there’s his post-apocalyptic novel THE POSTMAN, winner of both the Locus and John W. Campbell awards, and the basis for the movie of the same name starring Kevin Costner (admittedly nowhere near as well received as the book, but still worth giving a watch if you’re a Brin fan!).

The cover for the SF tale Kil'n People by the award-winning David Brin
Other less well-known works are titles such as EARTH: an SF eco-novel which predicted many of today’s environmental trends such as global warming; GLORY SEASON: the tale of a planet colonised by matriarchal clans; KIL’N PEOPLE: a novel envisioning a future where people can create multiple duplicates of themselves; and OTHERNESS: an anthology of some of David’s most exceptional short stories. All of these titles are released this month as ebooks, as is FOUNDATION’S TRIUMPH, David Brin’s contribution to the second trilogy set in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation universe.

We’re also very excited to say that June 2012 will see the release of a new title from David Brin called EXISTENCE. It’s a groundbreaking near-future science fiction novel written on an epic scale, dealing with the moment when mankind’s very existence will be called into question. It’s an incredibly grand novel – vast in scope, thoroughly ambitious and mind-blowingly impressive. And we’re not exaggerating – read it and see…



Day 7

Orbit's 7th day of its 12 days of ebooks

Karen Miller / K. E. Mills

The cover for the bestselling fantasy novel THE INNOCENT MAGE by Karen MillerThe Australian author Karen Miller stormed onto the UK scene in 2007 with her debut novel THE INNOCENT MAGE, and it was an instant hit – the bestselling debut fantasy novel of that year. It was the beginning of the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology, which concludes with THE AWAKENED MAGE, and established Karen as one of the best-loved modern fantasy writers around. Admired for her vivid character descriptions, her captivating world-building and absorbing narratives, Karen is a true gem on the Orbit list and an author that we find ourselves recommending time and time again. And we can recommend her in ebook too, as her whole back list is now available!

Karen returned to the world of THE INNOCENT MAGE with the sequel series, Fisherman’s Children, comprising THE PRODIGAL MAGE and THE RELUCTANT MAGE, and the prequel A BLIGHT OF MAGES, which is also a great entry-point to the series.

In a completely different universe, Karen also wrote the Godspeaker trilogy, a more gritty and unconventional fantasy series, but one that’s equally entrancing and packed with Karen’s trademark magic. Check out EMPRESS, THE RIVEN KINGDOM and HAMMER OF GOD.

The cover for the whimsical fantasy title The Accidental Sorcerer by bestselling author Karen MillerKaren also writes under the pseudonym K. E. Mills for her novels in the Rogue Agent series, which are of a more whimsical nature than all the above, but just as popular. These immensely enjoyable fantasy romps star the unwitting and disaster-prone Gerald and his sidekick,  an ensorcelled bird. Gerald somehow manages to land a job as Court Wizard for the kingdom of New Ottosland and finds himself rather out of his depth…





Day 8

Orbit's 8th day of its 12 days of ebooks

The cover to the Dante Valentine Omnibus by Lilith Saintcrow, a girl in a leather jacket stands with a swordLilith Saintcrow

Lilith writes in a wide range of genres, but she’s always been well known for her heroines – the kind of women who kick ass first and ask questions later…

Did you know you can buy all five of her Dante Valentine urban fantasy novels in one great-value ebook omnibus? The DANTE VALENTINE OMNIBUS contains the ebooks of WORKING FOR THE DEVIL, DEAD MAN RISING, THE DEVIL’S RIGHT HAND, SAINT CITY SINNERS and TO HELL AND BACK. These ebooks are also available to buy separately, of course.

If you’re an urban fantasy fan, you can also read her Jill Kismet series on ebook, the novels NIGHT SHIFT and HUNTER’S PRAYER.

And don’t forget, released exclusively as an ebook, her historical fantasy novel, THE HEDGEWITCH QUEEN, just published last month. You can read the first chapter of THE HEDGEWITCH QUEEN on our website.

There’s a lot to look forward to from Lilith in 2012, too! You can expect the follow-up to THE HEDGEWITCH QUEEN, in June, THE BANDIT KING. Lilith will also be beginning some adventures in a new genre – steampunk!! Look out for the adventures of Bannon and Clare, beginning with THE IRON WYRM AFFAIR in August 2012…

click this banner to be taken to the page where you can read chapter one of The Hedgewitch Queen for free



Day 9

Orbit's 9th day of its 12 days of ebooks

Elizabeth Moon

The Nebula-award-winning Elizabeth Moon has been writing quality science fiction and fantasy for over two decades now. She’s truly one of the genre’s classic writers.

There’s plenty to choose from to download to your shiny new ereaders, so firstly, would you prefer fantasy or science fiction?

If science fiction epics with space battles and heroic pilots are your sort of thing, try THE SERRANO LEGACY!

THE SERRANO LEGACY omnibus (including HUNTING PARTY, SPORTING CHANCE, WINNING COLOURS,) is out on ebook, featuring the first three novels of that series.

the cover to the serrano legacy omnibus

Heris Serrano was an officer born of a long line of officers. A life in the Regular Space Service was all she had ever wanted, until a traitorous superior forced her to resign her commission. This wasn’t just the end of her military career; it was the end of everything that gave her life meaning. She finds employment as the ‘Captain’ of an interstellar luxury cruiser, but not all is as it seems aboard the Sweet Delight…

The following instalments in the series, ONCE A HERO, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, CHANGE OF COMMAND, and AGAINST THE ODDS have also been released as individual ebooks.

The exciting futuristic adventure series VATTA’S WAR is now out on ebook, beginning with TRADING IN DANGER, then MOVING TARGET, ENGAGING THE ENEMY, COMMAND DECISION, and concluding with the explosive VICTORY CONDITIONS. This series follows Kylara Vatta, a daughter of the Vatta family, who run the interstellar shipping corporation Vatta Enterprises. Kylara struggles to find a career outside of her family’s corporation and enrolls in the Spaceforce Academy, but soon her family comes under attack.

the cover for Elizabeth Moon's novel Speed of Dark, with futuristic lights and computer symbols on a purple backgroundElizabeth Moon has also penned two stand-alone SF novels, both of which are released as ebooks. REMNANT POPULATION features the widow Ofelia, the only remaining settler on an abandoned planet, until the ships of new colonists begin to arrive. Meanwhile SPEED OF DARK tells the powerful story of an autistic young man working for a bioinformatics company, who is offered an experimental ‘cure’ for autism by the company he works for, but he’s not sure he wants to take it…

The cover for the fantasy omnibus 'The Deed of Paksennarion' by Elizabeth Moon

If epic fantasy is more to your tastes, you can get three ebooks for the price of one with THE DEED OF PAKSENARRION omnibus, which contains the trilogy THE SHEEPFARMER’S DAUGHTER, DIVIDED ALLEGIANCE and OATH OF GOLD.

Also in the same genre, we’re currently publishing Elizabeth’s Paladin’s Legacy series. This fantasy saga begins with OATH OF FEALTY and KINGS OF THE NORTH, and will continue with the publication of ECHOES OF BETRAYAL in February next year.



Day 10

Orbit's 10th day of its 12 days of ebooks

Chris Bunch

Only a select few writers manage to genre-hop with skill and ease, and Chris Bunch was one of them. A prolific writer, during his lifetime he penned over a dozen novels, ranging from epic fantasy to military SF.

If it’s fantasy you’re after, be sure to check out the DRAGONMASTER omnibus, and enter a war-ravaged world where dragons have become deadly weapons. This omnibus includes the following novels:

cover for dragon master






If desperate gunfights against overwhelming odds are more your sort of thing, then you’ll want to try out Chris’s Sten series, co-authored with Allan Cole – a classic of military SF. Our BATTLECRY: STEN OMNIBUS 1 features the first three novels in this exhilarating series:




These three titles are also available individually, as are the rest of the books in the series:






Alternatively, if you’d prefer a single slab of SF entertainment, check out SHADOW WARRIOR.

“The Great War with the vile Al’ar was all but forgotten, the last alien resistance eliminated ten years ago. However, war hero Joshua Wolfe cannot forget. Friend, prisoner then destroyer of the Al’ar, they called him Shadow Warrior – master of the Al’ar killing arts. He alone knew the conflict was far from over.”

Originally published in the USA in three volumes, we’ve released this as a single volume – so you effectively get three books for the price of one.




Day 11

Orbit's 11th day of its 12 days of ebooks

Robert Buettner

An American author of military SF, Buettner’s Jason Wander series is held in high regard by fans of the genre.

War is an Orphanage: Jason Wander, left orphaned at age 17 by an attack from an unseen alien enemy, must fight his own demons before he can fight Earth’s. Jason starts off on a self-destructive streak that leads to being expelled from school, through foster homes and finally to an appointment with a no-nonsense judge. As the world begins falling apart, Jason is given the choice of so many others, from an earlier time in American history: join the Army or go to jail. This decision leads to an odyssey of adventures that takes Jason Wander from the pits of despair to the heights of victory.”

All five novels in this explosive series are available individually:








Day 12

Orbit's final day of its 12 days of ebooks

Ian Irvine

Ian Irvine is one of the most successful epic fantasy authors of recent years, with his Three Worlds cycle having sold more than a million copies worldwide. The Three Worlds cycle comprises three different series of novels, and all will be available as ebooks on 5th January 2012.


The first series is The View From the Mirror, which comprises the following titles:





This series is followed by the Well of Echoes quartet:





Lastly, we have the Song of Tears trilogy:




In related news, we will be publishing Ian’s brand new novel VENGEANCE in April 2012, both in paperback and in ebook.