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The Chart of Fantasy Art, 2009

The Chart of Fantasy Art

Every year we ask our summer intern to do a survey of cover art elements for the top fantasy novels published in the previous year. This year, our wonderful intern Jennifer looked at covers from 2009, and compared them against 2008’s findings. Over the next few days we’ll be releasing a number of charts that show what she found. After the jump, some initial observations on the data. And join us in the comments to talk about the trends.
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One Armadillo Con — Three Orbit Authors!

Amanda Downum, author of the forthcoming novel THE BONE PALACE, won’t be the only Orbit author in attendance at this year’s ArmadilloCon, August 27-29.

If you’re going, keep an eye out for not only Robert J. Bennett (MR. SHIVERS) but for A. Lee Martinez (DIVINE MISFORTUNE) as well.

Amanda Downum at Armadillo Con!

Amanda Downum, author of the excellent The Drowning City and the forthcoming The Bone Palace (Dec 2010), will be attending Armadillo Con and just posted her schedule over on her site: here.

There’s a tempest rising in the UK . . .

OK – we admit it. The UK and Australian readers have been getting a raw deal, having to wait for Nicole Peeler‘s sweet, sassy and sexy urban fantasy series to float their way, whilst the US readers have been bathing in its glory for a few months. But now the wait is over, and Tempest Rising (UK US | ANZ) and Tracking the Tempest (UK | USANZ) have finally washed up on our shores all at once. Featuring the naughty scrumpet Jane True as our half-selkie heroine – think of it as Sookie Stackhouse meets Splash!

Nicole was over in the UK recently and, in what’s becoming a bit of an Orbit UK habit, we took her aside to cross-examine her about her series and the Urban Fantasy genre. She is an assistant professor of literature, so she should know her stuff after all!  Take a look at the video below (and excuse my sniggering at points in the background – this lady cracks me up!)

You can read an extract of Tempest Rising here.

Married with Zombies, website launch!

Jesse Petersen’s Married with Zombies will be arriving in bookstores soon (US), and she’s just launched an awesome new blog over at www.jessepetersen.net.

Go on  over to get valuable information that just might save you during a zombie apocalypse, including: “The Top Ten Most Valuable Items in a Zombie Apocalypse”, “The Top Ten Movie Titles that Should Have Been Zombie Movie Titleschapter one of Married With Zombies, character bios from from the series, and a quiz that will scientifically show (*) how likely it is that your relationship will survive the zombie apocalypse.

(*) no actual science… but still.

Waking the Witch – out now!

Calling all Kelley fans! It’s official: Waking the Witch (UK | ANZ) has arrived in a bookshop near you and it’s looking fantabulously gorgeous. It’s the brand new title in the Women of the Otherworld series from international bestseller Kelley Armstrong, and it’s the first hardback to be whipped out with Kelley’s striking new cover style.

During the author’s recent tour to the UK we managed to steal her away from her hectic schedule, corner her in a tiny, tiny room with a camera and throw some questions her way. We think she did exceptionally well considering the circumstances . . . Take a peek here for comments on her series and Urban Fantasy in general (after all, she was one of the ladies responsible for starting the whole genre off in the first place!):

And here’s a sneaky preview of Waking the Witch to tide you over until the book is safely in your hands . . .

Travel Tips from Gail Carriger

I love the travel packing tips from Gail Carriger as she travels to World Con in Australia! From  Flip flops to powdered milk to baking soda. Best List Ever! Blameless will be out soon —  in September!

Rachel’s New Blog!

Check out Rachel Aaron’s new blog! We’ll be publishing the first three books of this five book series in mass market in October, November and December respectively. So you can get three books — in three months. You can read sample chapters from the first book, The Spirit Thief, here (PDF)!

Death Most Definite trailer, now with video!

Trent Jamieson put together a new trailer for his debut novel Death Most Definite. This one’s a little more traditional than the last and includes things like moving pictures and narration! So, without further ado…

Wallpaper: The Black Prism by BRENT WEEKS

The wallpaper all you Brent Weeks fans have been asking for is finally here, ready to take over your assorted computers, phones, portable-media-devices, facebook page, chat icons… ok I’m getting carried away. I’ve got the standard wallpaper sizes up for 99% of you to download, but if there’s a certain resolution/size you need that’s not there let me know in the comments, I’ll make it for you special.

Richard Jones did a great job with the in-your-face image of one of the awesome and unpredictable characters from the book.

The Black Prism has all the twists and turns readers have come to expect from Brent Weeks, along with a huge  cast of characters whose reversals of fortunes and motivations will keep you guessing right up until the last page. Download links after the jump. Enjoy!

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