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Deals and Deliveries: New Philip Palmer acquisition

We are tremendously excited to have acquired world rights in two new books by the talented Philip Palmer for Orbit, to be published on both sides of the Atlantic by Orbit UK and Orbit US. The first book, Hell Ship, will be a dramatic tale of pirates in space and will feature exploring, discovering, scouting and also killing, looting, and annihilating. Hell Ship will be appearing in a book store near you in Spring 2011, with the next book scheduled for Autumn 2011.

However, you don’t have to wait that long to enjoy more of Palmer’s larger-than-life characters, dark humour and cleverly sinister plotting. Version 43 is already on our schedules for Autumn 2010 and is an explosive adventure of death and robots on a violent frontier world.

Or read Red Claw (UK I US), out now, which is ‘hard not to warm to’ and ‘full of ideas’ according to the latest issue of SciFiNow. And we’d certainly agree with SciFiNow that Red Claw ‘deserves the plaudits it has received’ as there have indeed been many most glorious reviews for this book.

Author post

Sensual SF

Science fiction is the literature of ideas; it’s a genre where the concept is king.

But that’s not all there is to SF.  It’s a major element – all my favourite SF books are rich in great concepts that challenge the imagination, and make the reader think.   But science fiction can also be sensual.  It can make your skin prickle.  It can make your pulse race.  It can make you feel. Read the rest of this entry »

Mr. Shivers is Coming, Get Out Quick!

Robert Jackson Bennett’s debut novel MR. SHIVERS is coming later this month (US | UK), but you can get an early look at the mythic and horrifying world of the novel at Mistershivers.com. Get out quick!

Looking Forward to 2010

Now that the ties and novelty lamps are returned, the trees recycled into useful if less sparkly mulch, and holiday egg nog has been sworn off forever, yet again, we at Orbit want to let you know what we’ve got in store for you in the coming months — in particular, about two new writers about whom you have probably already heard much — and, will be hearing more.

Our January debut, Mr. Shivers (US/UK), by Robert Jackson Bennett, should be on its way to bookstores even as you read this. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly noted that it reads “like a collaboration between Stephen King and John Steinbeck” and that he makes “dark fantasy feel like gritty realism, achieving a rare laconic eloquence that will captivate horror readers hungry for new voices.” Visit Mistershivers.com, and re-visit some of Robert’s past entries on the Orbit blog, where he readily displays his talent for pulling the rug out from under the feet of daily existence.

Then we’ll be bringing you N.K. Jemisin’s first novel, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms [US February/UK April]. Romantic Times, giving it four and a half stars, calls it “an astonishing debut novel”, Kirkus Reviews has judged it “offbeat and engaging”, and Publishers Weekly, in its starred review, “a complex, edge-of-your-seat story with plenty of funny, scary, and bittersweet twists.” Jemisin’s debut Orbit blog post“Power and Privilege in Fantasy” is also not to be missed — and that you can read, right now. (Seriously. Now.)

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Power and Privilege in Fantasy

I’m going to start off my first blog post for Orbit with a non-sequitur. Because that’s how I roll.

I’m going to talk about movies rather than books. See, I can’t really call myself a fan of movies. I’ve seen a lot of the classics, love a good kung fu flick, occasionally get roped into seeing whatever blockbuster is new/hot/now, but I’m rarely actually excited by anything that’s coming down the recent-film pipe. I’m more “meh” than anything else. They pass the time. But I’ve found myself having unusually strong reactions to two new/forthcoming films: Avatar and Daybreakers. Very different films, and each elicits a very different reaction in me: I’m planning to see Daybreakers the instant it comes out, even though I’m not at all a fan of vampire stuff. While Avatar, despite being right in the sweet spot between my twin loves of beautiful visuals and stuff!blowing!up! space opera, has repelled me so fiercely that I don’t ever want to see it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Oh, You Noughtie Fans . . .

As a debut author, one of the questions I get asked a lot is, “How do you deal with negative reviews?” That’s an interesting query, on a number of levels. Because one of the things I’ve realized is how much reading, as an activity, has changed with the advent of the internet.

When I was a child, I was a very precocious reader who read “adult” books very early. In middle school (and to this day), one of my favorite series was Mercedes Lackey’s Last Herald Mage trilogy. I adored that book, loved Vanyel, wanted more than anything to have a Companion, and absolutely worshipped Mercedes Lackey.

So I did what any twelve-year-old fan worth her Whites did at the time: I joined Misty’s newsletter, became a “Herald” by penning some bad poems and drawing a picture of my Companion, and started writing to other fans. Read the rest of this entry »

Beyond the Wall of Time

This month, Orbit is proud to release Beyond the Wall of Time (UK/US), the final instalment in Russell Kirkpatrick’s spectacular Broken Man trilogy. With Russell’s previous works earning comments such as ‘Not since Tolkien have I been so awed’ from the wonderful Trudi Canavan, perhaps it’s no surprise that his Across the Face of the World was the US’s bestselling debut fantasy novel of 2008.

Beyond the Wall of Time yet again showcases Russell’s talent for strikingly vivid description and truly epic plotting. Find it in all good bookstores now!

The wall of time has fallen, leaving the Gods free to indulge their hunger for violence. Few know of their escape into mortal lands – and these few struggle against the control of the malevolent mage Husk and with their own problems.

Queen Stella, still in hiding, must make a deal with the Undying Man. His word is suspect, but her options are limited. Fisherman Noetos seeks revenge for the deaths of his loved ones, not yet realising the enemy is closer than even he can imagine. And the unconventional cosmographer Lenares is the only one with the power to prevent the Gods destroying the world – if she can get someone to believe her. 

The queen, fisherman and cosmographer must travel to Andratan to confront Husk. But whether they can break free of his hold on them, and defeat the Gods, is another matter entirely.

Author post

An Urban Fantasy Holiday

Oh, the holidays. It’s a special time of year when I really enjoy reflecting on all the ways I’ve tortured my characters. To celebrate this magical and highly cathartic ritual, I’ve composed what is sure to be an instant holiday classic. Feel free to sing along!

The Twelve Days of An Urban Fantasy Heroine

On the first day of my UF novel, my author gave to me a demon in my pantry.

On the second day of my UF novel, my author gave to me, two love interests–and a demon in my pantry.

On the third day of my UF novel, my author gave to me, three bullet wounds–two love interests and a demon in my pantry.

On the fourth day of my UF novel, my author gave to me four mauling hellhounds–three bullet wounds, two love interests, and a demon in my pantry. Read the rest of this entry »

Karen Miller’s Love Affair With Stories

In thinking about writing this guest post (thank you, John!) I tried to remember when I first fell in love with stories – and for the life of me, I can’t! I vividly remember my primary school librarian introducing me to the world of Narnia with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and I remember choosing for myself the first of the Enid Blyton Secret Seven books that I read, but I just can’t recall a time when I wasn’t madly, passionately, devotedly and hopelessly in love with stories.

Read the whole post here!

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How to Find A God

With the holidays coming up (or already upon us, depending on the holidays you observe), it’s typical that at this time of year our thoughts begin to turn to rituals, worship, and theology more and more. And, as we watch our friends and family celebrate in their own different ways and winter settles in around us, the natural companion to faith weighs more heavily upon us – doubt. Read the rest of this entry »

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