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The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi

THE WATER KNIFE Paolo Bacigalupi

The electrifying new thriller from multi-award winning author of The Windup Girl


The exhilarating fifth novel in James S. A. Corey’s New York Times bestselling Expanse space opera series.
Read a sample.

Orphan’s Triumph by Robert Buettner

Jason Wander has had to deal with a lot. First the Slugs wiped out his family, then they tried to go after his planet. Now he’s going after them…

After forty years of fighting the Slugs, mankind’s reunited planets control the vital crossroad that secures their uneasy union. The doomsday weapon that can end the war, and the mighty fleet that will carry it to the Slug homeworld, lie within humanity’s grasp.

Since the Slug Blitz orphaned Jason Wander, he has risen from infantry recruit to commander of Earth’s garrisons on the emerging allied planets. But four decades of service have cost Jason not just his friends and family, but his innocence.

When an enemy counter stroke threatens to reverse the war and destroy mankind, Jason must finally confront not only his lifelong alien enemy, but the reality of what a lifetime as a soldier has made him.

In Orbit With Orbit at Book Expo America

This year’s Book Expo America, held this past weekend in New York, was a rousing success for Orbit. Attendees lined up at our booth on both Friday afternoon and Saturday morning to meet Orbit author
Gail Carriger.

Ms. Carriger not only demonstrated the superb fashion sense one should expect the creator of the Parasol Protectorate to have, but cheerfully signed galleys of her forthcoming debut novel SOULLESS (October 2009), as those in line enjoyed hot English tea and tasty biscuits served up meanwhile by Orbit’s trusty hands.

Visit Gail online at, follow her on twitter @gailcarriger, and watch for SOULLESS in October.

The Grand Conjunction

The Grand Conjunction (UK/AUZ), Sean William’s fantastic conclusion to the Astropolis series, is out this month and the reviewers have been saying some great things about it. Gary at thinks that:

‘The Grand Conjunction is an absolute winner and a joy to read.’

And Liviu at Fantasy Book Critic says:

‘The novel succeeds grandly indeed. Highly, highly recommended.’

This is certainly a book on a ‘grand’ scale. Readers can expect more of the awe-inspiringly mind-boggling concepts that make Sean Williams’ space opera so exceptional. Read the rest of this entry »

Come for the Bloodshed, Stay for the prizes!

Jaye Wells — author of Red-Headed Stepchild — is visiting Bitten by Books on Wednesday the 20th. Not content just to entertain visitors with her vampire-fang/wooden-stake sharp wit, she’s also got a special prize to give away. Details revealed in the video invite below. And visit Bitten by Books to join the fun!

Shave ‘em Dry

There’s a Hugo and a Campbell, but not a Palmer. Here’s why. Read the rest of this entry »


I’m very pleased to announce that we have acquired Terry DeHart’s debut novel, THE UNIT. Set in Northern California just after the bombs fall, the Sharpe family takes up arms to defend themselves in a world gone mad. This is the gripping story of one suburban family fighting off a band of savage opportunists, struggling to survive a nuclear winter, and testing the limits of family bonds. Terry shows us a global catastrophe through the eyes of the smallest players and the bloody struggle of survival in the actions of the most ordinary, nuclear family.

We have acquired two books from Terry DeHart and will be publishing in Summer of 2010.

Monster, by A. Lee Martinez

Do you find yourself with a gnome in the garden? One that you can’t get rid of?
A unicorn rooting through your trash lately?
Something that’s slippery and slimy living under the bed?
A troll smelling up your closet – and your socks?
For all these issues and more….
(That’s a real phone number — go ahead, call it — but long distance charges may apply)
Read the rest of this entry »

DEEDS OF MEN — a free novella!

Marie Brennan’s IN ASHES LIE is out next month from Orbit (US | UK). In the meantime, she’s releasing an ebook of a new novella set in the same world. Best of all, it’s totally free (although you can donate if you’d like) and it’s available in HTML, Epub, and PDF.

Here’s Marie on the novella:

Today, to mark the one-month countdown to the release of IN ASHES LIE, I’ve posted on my website a free Onyx Court novella titled DEEDS OF MEN. Taking place between MIDNIGHT NEVER COME and its sequel, this story is a murder mystery set at the end of the reign of James I (1625). You don’t need to have read either novel to understand the novella, nor do you need to read this piece to understand ASHES, but I hope it will serve as a fun “extra” for readers who want more of the setting and the characters.

And here’s a description of the book:

A young man lies dead in a Coldharbour alley. Before his death, he uncovered secrets that could threaten the mortal world above and the faerie world below. Now, to find the murderer and protect both realms, Sir Michael Deven will need the help of a man with reason to hate the fae of the Onyx Court — the victim’s own brother.

So what are you waiting for? Download DEEDS OF MEN here.

ITOW: May Bonanza – The Power of Three!

Where the fantastical and the occult are concerned three is undoubtedly the magic number. So when we were lucky enough to get not one, not two, but three of your favourite Orbit authors talking in their own words about, you’ve guessed it – their trilogies – well let’s just say we were happy!

In this bumper edition of ITOWs: Sean Williams talks candidly about the artistic influences, deep life questions (and of course the kick-ass space battles) that went into the writing of the finale of his Astropolis trilogy, Brian Ruckley speaks bloodshed, heroics, and the joys of treating his protagonists mean as he brings his Godless World trilogy to its epic conclusion, and Kelley Armstrong talks raising hell, writing for the young adult and the power of the ‘true trilogy.’

To quote Kelley ‘Happy Reading!’

All three titles are available from Orbit this month!

The Grand Conjunction: Book 3 of Astropolis [UK|AUZ], Fall of Thanes [UK|US|AUZ] The Awakening [UK]

Read the rest of this entry »

Cover Launch: Black Ships

Ah, John Jude Palencar, how do I love thee? Of all the “big name” fantasy & science fiction illustrators working in the genre, John Jude Palencar has always been my favorite. From a book fan and an art fan’s point of view, I have to say it’s gotten to the point that I will pick up a book simply because J.J.P. did the cover art. It was a fabulous piece of luck for me to be able to work with him in my very first season here at Orbit. Seriously, people, these are the kind of days you love your job.

John Jude Palencar is working on the mass market editions of all of Jo Graham’s books for us, (Hand of Isis is next) and the matchup between art and content couldn’t be better. I love the designs of the trade paperbacks, done by Mario Pulice, the Creative Director of Little Brown, and Debra Lill, a fabulous photographer and illustrator, but it’s always nice to change it up for a re-release in a new format. When the art (an actual oil painting! by Fed-Ex!) came into the office, I ran around like a giddy schoolgirl showing everyone. In fact, I will be very sad to have to eventually send the original art back to Mr. Palencar. Read the rest of this entry »

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