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The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi

THE WATER KNIFE Paolo Bacigalupi

The electrifying new thriller from multi-award winning author of The Windup Girl


The exhilarating fifth novel in James S. A. Corey’s New York Times bestselling Expanse space opera series.
Read a sample.

Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow London Charity Event, May 1st

Orbit’s very own Charles Stross, along with Boing! Boing! founder-member Cory Doctorow, will be taking part in a discussion entitled Resisting the All-Seeing Eye on behalf of the Open Rights Group on Friday May 1st at Crypt on the Green, St James’ Church, Clerkenwell, London.

The panel will discuss the growing need need to “resist surveillance and ensure the integrity of your digital personality”. Entry is by Open Rights Group membership or £10 donation-on-the-door. Visit for more information.

Ken MacLeod @ Edinburgh International Science Festival

From Ken MacLeod‘s ‘The Early Days of a Better Nation’ blog:

At 6.30 p.m. on Monday 6 April I’m giving a talk on robots and AI in SF at Heriot-Watt University, as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

The University of Edinburgh is hosting lots of cool events, including guest appearances over Saturday and Sunday by ASIMO, ‘the world’s most advanced humanoid robot’, at the McEwan Hall.

Follow the embedded links for more information.

Tim Holman vs. DRAGONS!

Orbit Publisher Tim Holman stopped by The Dragon Page podcast to discuss all things “e” with Mike and Mike. You can listen to the show here.

In Their Own Words: Jaye Wells on RED-HEADED STEPCHILD

Jaye says:

Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye WellsI’ve always had a soft spot for outcasts and rebels. It’s no surprise then that I created a world populated by dark races, who have been literally forced to live in the shadows, hidden from the human race. And in this world, lives an outcast among outcasts. Her name in Sabina Kane, and her story is about what happens when the red-headed stepchild grows up and realizes she’s been betrayed by those who should have protected her.

All of that sounds very deep and dark, but Red-Headed Stepchild is also about how Sabina finds her own tribe of misfits in unlikely places. A mischief demon with a predilection for infomercial shopping. An idealistic nymph who used to work in faery porn. A roguish mage who introduces Sabina to the world of magic. Each helps Sabina navigate a world filled with blood-thirsty wine makers, charismatic cult leaders and hookah-smoking vampires. So really, when you think about it, there’s something in Red-Headed Stepchild for the whole family to enjoy.

Red-Headed Stephchild is out this month! [US|UK|AZ]

Cover launch: Traitors’ Gate by Kate Elliott

We’ve been loving the opulence of the latest cover in Kate Elliott’s Crossroads series, just in, and I thought I’d share it here. The rich colouring very much evokes the wonderfully vivid world-building and dramatic storytelling that categorises Kate’s work, plus it will look gorgeous on the shelf with the first two books, Spirit Gate and Shadow Gate.

Traitors' Gate by Kate Elliott - UK large paperback

It’s out in September this year in large format paperback and, to whet the appetite, here’s a little summary of the plot:


Reeve Joss is struggling to defend a country ravaged by the assaults of twin armies. His men now patrol a land of burning villages and homeless refugees as Joss tries to separate traitor from friend. The Reeve’s days are also plagued by thoughts of the intriguing Zubaidit: pleasure-giver, spy and temple-trained assassin. But Zubaidit is focused on a dangerous mission, her target being warped Guardian Lord Radas. His death would leave the invading militia in chaos, but the old tales tell truly of the Guardians’ immortality – and of the powers they now wield to twist the hearts of men.

Joss’s nights are troubled too, disturbed by dreams of Marit. His old love has returned from death to become a feared Guardian herself, but Marit rejected the corrupt temptations they offered. She now seeks others of her kind, praying some are yet uncontaminated by the blight on the land – and have the will to fight it.”

And lastly a few quotes for the series to show just what a damn fine read is in store:

“Beautifully descriptive passages oozing with texture, taste and even aroma. Spirit Gate is the common thing done uncommonly well … accomplished storytelling” SFX

Shadow Gate is the plump and mouthwatering second dish … This is every bit as full of texture and flavour as Spirit Gate, sure to leave you begging for more” SFX

“This is gritty, character-driven fantasy where no battle is easy and, crucially, no one is safe. Elliott juggles characters and plots with consumate ease” DeathRay

“An absorbing blend of action, romance, Fantasy, and the oriental … will ensure readers return for the next instalment” Starburst

Spirit Gate by Kate Elliott, UK paperbackShadow Gate by Kate Elliott, UK paperbackTraitors' Gate by Kate Elliott - UK edition

Forbidden Planet Signing

Thanks again to everyone who came out to see Mike Carey and Kate Griffin at Forbidden Planet last night! It was a fantastic event and special thanks to Danie, Jon and the whole Forbidden Planet team for setting it up. Also, a big ol’ thanks to Gav, Graeme, Liz and Mark, and Simon and Mathew for coming by to say hi!

And for those who didn’t get a chance to attend the signing we’re giving you a chance to win 3 sets of signed copies of Thicker Than Water and A Madness of Angels. All you have to do to enter is email us at Closing date is April 3rd. Good luck!


We’ve found some more evidence of urban magic . . .

Mike Carey and Kate Griffin at Forbidden Planet

Just a reminder: Mike Carey will be reading from and signing copies of his latest Felix Castor novel, Thicker Than Water, and Kate Griffin will be reading from and signing advance copies of her debut, A Madness of Angels, at Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue in London tonight from 6-7pm.

Hope to see you all there!

Iain M Banks and Charles Stross shortlisted for 2009 Prometheus Award

We’re delighted by the news that both Matter by Iain M Banks and Saturn’s Children by Charles Stross have both been shortlisted for the 2009 Prometheus Award.

This award is given by the Libertarian Futurist Society in recognition of the best pro-freedom novel published during the previous year. The award will be presented during Anticipation, the 67th World Science Fiction Convention, which takes place from August 6-10, 2009, in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

Best of luck to both!

A few Friday links

Hello and welcome to a few tid-bits of recent interweb activities:

Kate Elliott and Mike Cobley talk about ‘others’ in SF/F i.e. aliens etc. on bookgeeks. Both the science fiction and fantasy genres have a traditional reliance on ‘others’ – from extra-terrestrials and elves to angels and demons. How do you set out to create plausible ‘others’ (do they even need to be plausible?), and make sure that readers relate to them in the ways that you want?

And Sean Williams is interviewed by the Sydney Writers’ Centre, you can see (and then hear, presumably …) the podcast here.

Lastly, but no less interestingly, Jo Graham has posted on how to keep the story of Cleopatra fresh when it is well-known subject matter to many, and we’ve posted a taster extract of Hand of Isis (UK | US ) just out this month.

That’s it for now and have a good weekend with whatever Orbit book you happen to be reading!

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