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Descent by Ken MacLeod


Author of 2013 Arthur C. Clarke Award-nominated Intrusion tells a science fiction story for the twenty-first century – what happens when conspiracy theorists meet Big Brother?
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The start of a brand new epic fantasy trilogy from the author of the Stormlord series – full of scheming, spying, action and adventure.
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Pre-order THE CRIMSON CAMPAIGN and receive a signed bookplate!

“McClellan’s debut packs some serious heat.” — Kirkus Reviews on PROMISE OF BLOOD

It’s already been a year since the publication of Brian McClellan’s debut, PROMISE OF BLOOD (US | UK | AUS). Now we are one month away from the sequel, THE CRIMSON CAMPAIGN (US | UK | AUS), and I’m sure you’re all as eager as we are.

Field Marshal Tamas, Taniel Two-shot, Ka-Poel and the others have some tough battles ahead of them. I don’t want to spoil anything, but suffice to say, when you combine magic and black powder in an action-packed story, the result will be epic… and explosive! If you haven’t started the trilogy yet, now is the time to catch up. On April 8th, the paperback of PROMISE OF BLOOD will hitting shelves in the US and is already available in the UK and Australia.

Pre-order THE CRIMSON CAMPAIGN and you could be eligible to receive a free, signed bookplate. To enter: complete this form providing proof of purchase.

OFFER GOOD UNTIL 5/6/2014. ALLOW EIGHT TO TEN WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. To receive a THE CRIMSON CAMPAIGN signed bookplate, complete the entry form on including your name, mailing address, and proof of pre-order. Offer limited to residents of the fifty (50) United States and D.C. and the United Kingdom, aged 18 or older. Limit one (1) per person and per household. Duplicate requests will constitute fraud. You must have a valid home street address. Theft, diversion, reproduction, transfer, sale or purchase of this offer is prohibited and constitutes fraud. Offer good in the fifty (50) United States and DC and the United Kingdom only. Void where prohibited, taxed, or restricted by law. Requests from clubs or organizations will not be honored. Not redeemable in any manner other than provided herein. Not responsible for lost, late, incomplete, postage due, or misdirected requests. Requests not complying with all offer requirements will not be honored. Any fraudulent submission will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Sponsored by: Orbit Books, a division of Hachette Book Group, Inc. Privacy Policy:

First Look: Fall 2014 to Winter 2015 US Covers

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 5.09.41 PM

Are you sitting down? If not, then you should be because these covers are going to knock you off your feet. The Orbit Art Department has again delivered some positively breathtaking jackets. Enjoy this preview of our Fall and Winter line-up with more to follow over the next few months.

Click on the images below to see a larger version and appreciate each cover in its full glory.  Let us know which books are headed to your wish list!

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First Look: Autumn 2014 to Winter 2015 Orbit UK covers


Wishlists at the ready, it’s that time of year again! Orbit is incredibly proud to present a selection of covers from this autumn to winter in 2015. There is plenty more incredible cover art yet to be released, but for now enjoy this brilliant preview of what’s to come later this year and early next.

Which new books are on the top of your list?

Click on the covers below to see a larger version.

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2013 Goodread Choice Awards: Final Round

The final round of voting for the 2013 Goodreads Choice Awards is here at last! Below are your nominees from Orbit!

FantasyVOTE NOW!
A MEMORY OF LIGHT by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson (UK | AUS)

Paranormal FantasyVOTE NOW!
COLD DAYS by Jim Butcher (UK | AUS)
FROST BURNED by Patricia Briggs (UK | AUS)
HUNTED by Kevin Hearne (UK | AUS)


Science FictionVOTE NOW!
EARTH AFIRE by Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnson (UK | AUS)
ABADDON’S GATE by James S.A Corey (US | UK | AUS)
EARTH AFIRE Abaddon's Gate

PARASITE by Mira Grant – Parasite (US | UK | AUS)

Debut Goodreads Author - VOTE NOW!
PROMISE OF BLOOD by Brian McClellan (US | UK | AUS)


Graphic Novels & Comics - VOTE NOW!
THE INFERNAL DEVICES: CLOCKWORK PRINCE story by Cassandra Clare, art by Hyekyung Baek (UK | AUS)

Infernal Devices

This last round of voting closes on November 25th so don’t forget to cast your vote before then.

Barnes & Noble Discovery Friday

This year, Barnes & Noble is debuting a new promotion called “Discovery Friday” to give you a start to your holiday shopping. On Friday, November 22nd, there will be events and activities at Barnes & Noble bookstores across the country. A number of Orbit authors will be participating at their local B&Ns. Check the list below to see if one of them will be near you!

œFortune's Pawn cover Carlson_ColdBlooded-TP Dalglish_ADanceOfCloaks_TP Grant_Parasite-HC Leckie_AncillaryJustice_TP McClellan_PromiseOfBlood_FINAL_HC Sullivan_RoseandThorn-TP

Goodreads Readers Choice Awards: Opening Rounds

The first round of voting for the 2013 Goodreads Choice Awards is officially open! Below are the Orbit books we’re thrilled to see still on the list.

FantasyVOTE NOW!
A MEMORY OF LIGHT by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson (UK | AUS)
THE CROWN TOWER by Michael J Sullivan (US | UK | AUS)
PROMISE OF BLOOD by Brian McClellan (US | UK | AUS)


Paranormal FantasyVOTE NOW!
COLD DAYS by Jim Butcher (UK | AUS)
FROST BURNED by Patricia Briggs (UK | AUS)
HUNTED by Kevin Hearne (UK | AUS)


Science FictionVOTE NOW!
EARTH AFIRE by Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnson (UK | AUS)
ABADDON’S GATE by James S.A Corey (US | UK | AUS)

EARTH AFIRE   Abaddon's Gate

PARASITE by Mira Grant – Parasite (US | UK | AUS)

Grant_Parasite-HC   Molles_TheRemainingFractured-TP.jpg

Debut Goodreads Author
PROMISE OF BLOOD by Brian McClellan (US | UK | AUS)


The first round of voting closes on November 9th so don’t forget to cast your vote before then. This is also your only chance to write-in titles for the various categories. Let your voice be heard!

October Events

October 1: Kate Locke at New York Review of Science Fiction, New York, NY, 7 PM

October 3: Ann Leckie at Subterranean Books, St. Louis, MO, 6 PM

October 4-6: Mur Lafferty at VCon, Vancouver, British Columbia

October 11-13: Kate Elliott at Sirens, Portland, OR

October 12: Brian McClellan at Books by the Banks, Cincinnati, OH
Marlene Perez at Los Angeles Teen Book Fest, Los Angeles, CA

October 12-13: Michael J. Sullivan at Capclave, Gaithersburg, MD

And, New York Comic Con is October 10-13! Orbit will be there, in booth # 2218; our authors N.K. Jemisin, Michael J. Sullivan, and Kate Locke will also be appearing at the con.

October 20: Trudi Canavan at Forbidden Planet, London UK – 1pm

And World Fantasy Con is in Brighton, UK this year!  October 31-November 3.  Lots of Orbit authors will be there, including Trudi Canavan, Mike Carey, Charles Stross, Francis Knight, Tim Lebbon and Jon Courtenay Grimwood among others.  Check out the full programme and attending members list on the website.

August Events

August 9-11: Charles Stross, Benedict Jacka, Francis Knight and Kate Griffin are all appearing at brand new SF convention Nine Worlds, London UK

August 15: Will McIntosh @ Fountain Bookstore, Richmond, VA, 6:30 PM

August 15-18: Amanda Carlson and Kristen Painter at Authors After Dark, Savannah, GA

August 17: Brian McClellan @ B&N Crocker Park, Cleveland, OH, 1 PM

August 22: James S.A. Corey @ Alamosa Books, Albuquerque, NM, 7 PM

August 23-25: Brent Weeks and James S.A. Corey (Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) at Bubonicon, Albuquerque, NM

August 29 – September 2: LoneStarCon 3/Worldcon, featuring a whole buncha Orbit authors, including Kim Stanley Robinson and Mira Grant, who are up for this year’s Hugo Award for Best Novel!

author post

McClellan_PromiseofBlood-TPThe legends of King Arthur sparked my imagination as a young boy. The majesty of his court, the magic, the intrigue, politics, civil war, and immense battles. It was all so interesting and incredible, and I was a very disappointed ten year old when I learned that he wasn’t, in fact, real. As I grew older, I came to learn about historical figures that were just as fascinating as King Arthur, and far more real.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar had a tumultuous life. He was an orator, a politician, and a military man. He survived political purges, being captured by pirates, and was at one point a high priest of Jupiter. He conquered Gaul and invaded Britain. Plutarch claimed that Caesar’s armies killed a million men and enslaved that many again during that campaign—though the number is likely propaganda.

He ignited a civil war in Rome, eventually emerging victorious, and went on to implement much-needed reforms with the goal of strengthening Rome’s central government and reducing corruption. He instituted the new Julian Calendar, which was the basis for the calendar we still use today.

Arthur Wellesley

Arthur Wellesley entered the British army as an ensign at the age of eighteen. Twenty-six years later he was a field marshal and was soon after granted a dukedom, becoming the 1st Duke of Wellington. He fought in wars all around the world, and served as a Prime Minister in Great Britain, earning the nickname of the “Iron Duke” for his political resolve.

He was Napoleon Bonaparte’s greatest enemy in the Peninsular Campaign and led the troops that defeated Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo.

Napoleon Bonaparte

It says interesting things about a man that he could have lost not one but two wars hundreds of years ago and still be known as one of the greatest military commanders of all time. A Corsican, he rose through the ranks of the French army and eventually staged a coup, installing himself as the First Consul and later emperor of France. He was known for his military prowess and often defeated numerically superior armies.

He initiated civil reforms that included advancement by merit and religious freedom, as well as laws written and accessible to the average man—reforms that stayed in place after his ultimate defeat. He had a keen mind for politics and popularity that pandered to the people rather than the established aristocracy.

Most of us live our lives knowing that we won’t have much influence on the grand scheme of things. That’s normal. With so many billions of people on this planet, how could we? Yet there are some people who change everything. These are the movers and the shakers, the great generals and statesmen. Looking back on some of these men and seeing their imprint on history one might believe they were forces of nature.

Field Marshal Tamas, the protagonist of PROMISE OF BLOOD, came about because I wanted to write someone like that. He’s a flawed man who does bad things for good reasons—and he does them on a monumental scale. In most stories, he would be the villain. Tamas is not the villain of this story, but he’s no saint. He doesn’t pretend to be. There’s enough blood on his hands to drown a city and there’ll be more before he’s done.

There is a little bit of each of those three men in Tamas. Like Caesar, he’s loved by his troops and by the people. Like Wellesley, he is a hard-headed man known for his resolve. Like Napoleon, he staged a coup, and both his friends and enemies respect his military prowess. As with all three of them, he shapes the world around him.

Join Brian on reddit/r/fantasy tomorrow for a Q&A or read the first four chapters from PROMISE OF BLOOD (US | UK | AUShere or on Facebook

Video: PROMISE OF BLOOD – The Age of Kings is dead…

Field Marshal Tamas has a message for the aristocracy of Adro. Watch the trailer below and prepare for the coming revolution.

PROMISE OF BLOOD (US | UK | AUS) is available everywhere in hardcover, ebook, and audio formats. Read the first four chapters here or become a fan of the series on Facebook.

*Footage by Gene Mollica and Michael Frost

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