Jae Lee’s covers for The Electric Church

I’m Devi and I’m an Editor at Orbit and I’ll be chatting about the upcoming books, authors, reviews, etc.

I’ve just gotten early sketches for THE DIGITAL PLAGUE by Jeff Somers! That is his second book starring Avery Cates, criminal-for-hire.

Our Art Director is discussing the covers with Jae Lee, an artist who has done incredible artwork for comic books such as X-Men, Spiderman, Hulk, among others.

Jae did the cover illustration for THE ELECTRIC CHURCH, the first Avery Cates book, which we’ll be publishing this September.

The Electrich Church Cover

I love this cover. The monk looks both serene and threatening.

Jeff’s first book, THE ELECTRIC CHURCH will be available in Trade Paper in September. Until then, he’s blogging at “Said Cunning Old Fury.”

We’ve also got a website in the works for The Electric Church. Right now there’s just a splash page up with a mysterious login screen. (good luck…)