Want to see more Dresden Files on TV?

The Dresden Files television series was shown earlier this year in both the UK and the US (on Sky One and the Sci-Fi Channel respectively). This was a fantastic treat for the many fans of Jim Butcher’s books. Of course, we’ve all been eagerly anticipating more, but the future now looks rather uncertain, as despite good ratings and great reviews, commissioning of a second series has still to be confirmed.

But there is still something we can do — it’s not too late (yet)! Those helpful fans at Dresden City have put together a simple and helpful guide on how to keep the series alive, with details on exactly how to:

  1. Write snail mail letters to those most directly responsible for programming at the Sci-Fi Channel and Lionsgate
  2. Call the Sci-Fi Channel feedback line
  3. Let everyone online know your love for the show

More on the subject can be found here and of course check Jim Butcher’s official site for masses of Harry Dresden info and more.

Thanks for your support — you know it’s worth it!