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Introducing The Electric Church

Electric Church Ad

We’ve told you about Jeff Somers’ compulsory blog (*), now check out the-electric-church.com , a front for the actual Electric Church that purports to be an “official” book site. The site includes a puzzle of such devious design most of the Orbit team is convinced no one will solve it. (Jeff and I have more faith in the amateur codebreakers out there) Visit the site to take a crack at it. Or just poke around and chat with a Monk-bot to learn more about Dennis Squalor. You can also read the first chapter of The Electric Church here.

(*) Jeff Somers’ blog is not actually compulsory (but then we would say that, wouldn’t we.)

  1. Shawn Speakman

    August 23, 2007
    at 5:46 pm

    Now THAT is a cool website!

  2. gavsstudio

    August 24, 2007
    at 7:07 pm

    It scares me quite a lot. That interactive monk gave me a code… eek!

  3. Mary Wilke

    August 30, 2007
    at 3:39 pm

    People who love Philip K. Dick will love this story.

  4. Katie Glasgow

    September 8, 2007
    at 1:57 am

    The book is awesome! A sort of hodge-podge between The Matrix, a Cohen Brothers film, and David Caresh. I love it. Have movie rights sold yet? Something to think about . . .

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