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In Their Own Words: Jennifer Fallon on the WOLFBLADE TRILOGY

Jennifer Says:

Wolfblade by Jennifer Fallon, UK paperbackWarrior by Jennifer Fallon, UK paperbackWarlord by Jennifer Fallon, UK paperback

The Wolfblade Trilogy is about power, about love and about politics and how hard it is to separate the three. But it is also a prequel to the Demon Child Trilogy that I did not originally plan to write. So when I set to work creating the Wolfblade Trilogy (Wolfblade, Warrior and Warlord) it nearly made my head explode, writing a story that seamlessly fit the other series.

Because I had to create so many new characters who didn’t appear in the Demon Child Trilogy, but whose absence in the other series needed to be explained, for almost a year and a half on the whiteboard in my office was a list entitled “These People Must Die” with the names of all the characters I had to get rid of by the end of Warlord to explain why they never turned up in the Demon Child Trilogy.

On the upside, when my air-conditioner broke down, and the repairman came to fix it, he saw the “These People Must Die” list – a number of which had been crossed out by then – on the whiteboard and assured me nervously: ‘Don’t worry, ma’am. I’ll fix it real good. I’m not going to end up on your list.’

I hope you enjoy the Wolfblade Trilogy. And as you read it, if you’ve already read the Demon Child Trilogy, see if you can spot who was on the list other than the air-conditioning guy…

The first two instalments in Jennifer Fallon‘s Wolfblade Trilogy, Wolfblade and Warrior are out now from Orbit UK. The conclusion to the series, Warlord will be published in September 2008.

Find out more about Jennifer Fallon and her writing over at her official website, www.jenniferfallon.com and keep up with all the latest news on her regularly-updated blog.

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