In Their Own Words: Brent Weeks on SHADOW’S EDGE

Brent says:

ShadowShadow’s Edge is a much more ambitious book than The Way of Shadows. If you look at the map at the beginning of TWoS, that whole book takes place within about one square centimeter on the map. In Shadow’s Edge, you’re going to get a fuller sense of this huge world. More cultures, more people. The surprises definitely continue. In fact, I can’t even say the two things I think readers are going to love most because they’re both spoilers.

This much I can say: deep, conflicted characters who continue to grow throughout the whole trilogy, impossible dilemmas, truly awful bad guys, more magic, more surprises, and a huge battle that changes everything. But this book IS a complete story that has an actual ending – no lame cliffhangers just to squeeze another eight pounds out of you.

And of course, there’s one more thing that’s brilliant: you don’t have to wait five years to get your hands on the next book. If you like the first one, you can grab this one right away, and if you like this one, at most you have to wait a month for the last one. You also have the assurance that it’s going to be a trilogy and be finished

Shadow’s Edge (UK | US | AUS) is out now and you can find it at all good high street and online booksellers.

Don’t forget to read book one, The Way of Shadows before you start on this one. You can get a taste of how the series starts by reading an extract here and see what Brent had to say about the first instalment here.

The final part of the Night Angel Trilogy, Beyond the Shadows, will be published next month, so look out for one more ITOW from Brent Weeks in a few weeks . . .