Twitter Fiction

Jeff Somers — author of The Electric Church, The Digital Plague, and the forthcoming The Eternal Prison — is tweeting a short story, a few lines at a time.

the sense of vastness that the open, undeveloped property conveyed—he felt unreal, as if it was all put there just for him to contemplate. 9:00 AM yesterday from web

With the soft rustling of the grass swaying in the wind and the shadowed, shifting mass of the tree line in the distance— 9:00 AM yesterday from web

The sky was a peculiar shade of dark, dark purple, making it seem like the universe beyond was on fire, being consumed. 9:00 AM yesterday from web

Henry stood on his back porch with a cup of after-dinner coffee and shivered in the cool twilight air. 9:00 AM yesterday from web

The Black Boxes, by Jeff Somers 8:59 AM yesterday from web

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