The Shreveport Smackdown: The True Story

Shreveport Herald Police Blotter
November 11, 2009

Shreveport police are still sorting through statements after urban fantasists Nicole Peeler and Jaye Wells allegedly attacked one another at their mutual signing, according to witnesses and bookstore staff.

As stated by one bystander, Mary Lois White, also of Shreveport, “It was all going along fine, when suddenly Nicole said something about how vampires are ‘played out,’ and Jaye said, ‘I’ll play you out, you seal-lover,’ and then Nicole told Jaye to ‘Bring it!’ and Jaye grabbed her by the hair.”

hair pulling

“It was brutal,” interrupted White’s husband, Douglas. “She struck like an adder. Nicole didn’t have a chance.”
To add insult to injury, Wells apparently beat Peeler with her own cover art.


While a witness, Jennette Ginsburg, insists that Peeler got her own back with, “a swift punch to [Wells’s] ta-tas,” Barak Shapiro, local weatherman, disagrees:

“Jaye totally let Nicole land one. I think Jaye was just filling up her rage vessel so she could really lay the smack down.”

punchin' the ta-tas

In the end, however, Peeler’s complete lack of scruples turned the tables on Wells. Helen Taylor and Dee Dee Boutwell told police that Peeler apparently swore a truce, apologized to Wells for saying vampires, and especially vampires-mages, were, “big sissy-sisses who have silly-colored hair,” and then offered Wells a cookie.

As soon as Wells accepted both apology and cookie, Peeler struck.

“She gave her the chair! Go Dr. Peeler!” testified Cortney Glover, witness.

the chair

At this point the fight was broken up by staff. Both parties were suitably bloodied, although far from chastened. As they were dragged away by police, Wells threatened to break both Peeler’s legs, while Peeler made fang-gestures at Wells using two fingers waggled in front of her mouth.

When asked to explain his daughter’s behavior, Peeler’s father shrugged and replied, “You can take the girl out of Aurora, but you can’t take Aurora out of the girl.”