Author Branding?

Vampire Heart-1Tempest Rising author Nicole Peeler wants to know: Should she get this fabulous vampire heart from her first book tattooed on her? I am sure the illustrator Sharon Tancredi agrees with me: ABSOLUTELY!

But leave room, Nicole! Sharon is designing a special heart for each book. Next you’ll have to get the fire-and-dagger heart from Tracking the Tempest!

So go to Nicole’s blog and let her know what you think.

Meanwhile, anyone else have or want to have an Orbit tattoo? I particularly think Gail Carriger needs to get the Octopus symbol from the spine of Soulless tattooed on her. And Jesse Bullington, you at least need to get the skull, if not the whole illustration from The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart.



Of course, this from the girl with the Elvish tattoo and a Mike Mignola illustration from Hellboy.

Any more suggestions of great potential tattoos from Orbit books?