Gorgeous new Celia Friedman cover

We’ve just had in the most gorgeous visual for Celia Friedman’s Wings of Wrath, in mass market paperback, out in August in the UK. This is the second book in Friedman’s masterful Magister trilogy, and I am just loving the bold design and glowing colours of these covers. Book One, Feast of Souls (UK I ANZ) is already out in mass market and you can still get Wings of Wrath (UK I ANZ) in its trade paperback size too (the same, but bigger, with less glow-y colours).

The author also had some really nice things to say, always appreciated: ‘I think the British books are GORGEOUS, especially the WoW. Your artist got the flavor of the Souleaters  beautifully — I was thrilled! — and the color and composition of the design are  breathtaking … a real delight for me.  Can’t wait to get the last one to you and see what you do with it!’

And take a look at these reasons why you should read, with this praise for the Magister trilogy:

  • ‘It’s potent stuff … Friedman is an excellent writer, so that you feel involved in the plot’s urgency’
  • ‘Set in a casually grim world where cloak-and-dagger political intrigue is necessary for survival … Beautifully written’ 
    Publishers Weekly
  • ‘Friedman keeps the tension at a high level throughout … emotionally charged’
  • ‘Typically superb writing style, dark content and well-drawn characters … Wings of Wrath is highly recommended and a must for fans of C.S. Friedman’
  • ‘One of the very best fantasy novels of the year … Wings of Wrath is C. S. Friedman writing at the top of her form. This series is head and shoulders above most of the competition on the market today’
    Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist
  • ‘An excellent new fantasy trilogy … highly recommended’