Wallpaper: The Black Prism by BRENT WEEKS

The wallpaper all you Brent Weeks fans have been asking for is finally here, ready to take over your assorted computers, phones, portable-media-devices, facebook page, chat icons… ok I’m getting carried away. I’ve got the standard wallpaper sizes up for 99% of you to download, but if there’s a certain resolution/size you need that’s not there let me know in the comments, I’ll make it for you special.

Richard Jones did a great job with the in-your-face image of one of the awesome and unpredictable characters from the book.

The Black Prism has all the twists and turns readers have come to expect from Brent Weeks, along with a huge  cast of characters whose reversals of fortunes and motivations will keep you guessing right up until the last page. Download links after the jump. Enjoy!

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