Welcome to Hull Zero Three…

Will you survive the ship?

Greg Bear is one of the most well-known and beloved writers in the genre and I am delighted to announce the publication of his latest novel, HULL ZERO THREE. Set in the darkest, coldest reaches of space, this is the story of one man who wakes up cold, alone, and confused on a starship that seems to be determined to kill him.

For a glimpse into the harrowing life of a resident of Ship, see our video record, carefully reconstructed in machinima for your edification:

“…A menacing wonderland of a ship…” — Marc Laidlaw

Hull Zero Three is a lean, mean, supercharged sense-of-wonder engine.” — Alastair Reynolds

Hull Zero Three is a grand adventure of scientific discovery … by turns chilling and touching, it poses challenging questions about what it means to be human.” — Charlie Stross

“Greg Bear’s voice is a resonant, clear chord of quality binding some of the best SF of the 20th Century to the short list of science-savvy, sophisticated, top-notch speculative fiction of the 21st. More than a grace note, Hull Zero Three is a compelling allegro in the growing symphony of Greg Bear’s finest work.” — Dan Simmons

Not for those who prefer their space opera simple-minded, this beautifully written tale where nothing is as it seems will please readers with a well-developed sense of wonder.” — Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“I loved Hull Zero Threethis book reminds me of why I fell in love with science fiction in the first place. Searing questions of humanity, a good old fashioned riddle of a plot, and excellent conceptualization make Hull Zero Three more than worth the effort.” — thebooksmugglers.com

“One of Bear’s most thought-provoking and well-crafted novels to date.” — Booklist

Read a sample here. Or, go to your local Starbucks, grab a coffee, and read the whole book on their free wifi!

HULL ZERO THREE is out today! Go to your favorite bookseller and pick up a copy!