Over at the newly launched you can read two new excerpts from THE DRAGON’S PATH (by Daniel Abraham) and LEVIATHAN WAKES (by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck writing as James S.A. Corey.) These are two of the most hotly anticipated  launches of the year (see here and here for some early buzz,) so  if you’re a fan of fantasy or space opera, this Spring/Summer is going to be EPIC. Read on below for the excerpts.

The public gaol of Vanai had once been a menagerie.  In ancient days, the dragons themselves had stalked the wide square and bathed in the great fountain at its center.  At the perimeter, a deep pit, and then great cages rising three stories high.  The dragon’s jade facades were carved with figures of the beasts that had once paced behind the iron bars: lions, gryphons, great six-headed serpents, wolves, bears, great birds with breasts like women… Read More

The Scopuli had been taken eight days ago, and Julie Mao was finally ready to be shot.

It had taken all eight days trapped in a storage locker to get to that point.  For the first two she’d remained motionless, sure that the armored men who’d put her there had been serious…Read More