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Cover Launch: SEVEN PRINCES by John R. Fultz

Today I am very excited to launch a hotly-anticipated book (and cover!) for The Seven Princes by John R. Fultz. I am absolutely in love with the art by Richard Anderson. I love his loose, impressionistic fantasy style. This project is a perfect example of everything we try to do at Orbit – make an amazing cover that absolutely oozes fantasy, yet do it with an infusion of a fresh new style or new angle. The book is a very classic fantasy tale but told in a really fast-paced cinematic, almost modern pulp kind of feel, and I am just thrilled with this marriage of artist and story. Definitely go check out the artist’s site and blog, he’s been working on concept art for Guild Wars for a long time, and if you are familiar with the game you’ll definitely recognize things, but all of his portfolio pieces are super drool-worthy. I am very excited to get working on the next cover in the series soon!

After the jump, get a teaser and see the art big and sexy…(yes sexy is a technical art-direction term!)

An ancient sorcerer slaughters the King of Yaskatha and his court before the unbelieving eyes of the young Prince D’zan. From that moment the fugitive Prince is driven by one thought – he must regain his father’s stolen throne. The lives of six foreign Princes are tied to D’zan’s fate as he seeks allies for his cause.

In a land where Men and Giants battle side by side against ancient monsters and terrifying sorcery, only one thing is certain – war is coming.

SEVEN PRINCES is the start of a new epic trilogy from debut fantasy author John R. Fultz

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  1. Jamie Gibbs (mithrilwisdom)

    September 26, 2011
    at 4:51 pm

    I love the cover. I’m assuming the figures are D’Zan and the six princes. the fact that they’re all together and in armour hints at an extraordinary epic battle somewhere in the novel. I love the premise too.

  2. John R. Fultz

    John R. Fultz

    September 27, 2011
    at 12:57 am

    Lauren–thanks for the spectacular cover. Great artwork, great design.

  3. John R. Fultz

    John R. Fultz

    September 30, 2011
    at 11:48 pm

    Nice instincts, Jamie…but it’s safe to say there is definitely more than one “epic” battle here. D’zan is only 1/6 of the story…and Sharadza, Daughter of the Giant-King, is at the heart of the story alongside her three fated brothers. Not all battles are fought with iron and steel… :)

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