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Orbit’s First E-Book Only Launch!

We’re thrilled to announce our first ebook only publication from New York Times Bestselling author Lilith Saintcrow! We’ll be publishing The Hedgewitch Queen in December 2011, and the sequel, The Bandit King, in July 2012 in both the US and the UK.  The series will be available across all digital reader platforms.

The story centers around a young woman who must advance to the throne amidst court intrigue, conspiracies, and magic.

Vianne di Rocancheil is a lady waiting at the Court of Arquitaine, where she studies her books, watches for intrigue, and shepherds her foolhardy Princesse through the glittering whirl. Court is a sometimes-unpleasant waltz, especially for the unwary, but Vianne treads its measured steps well.

Unfortunately, the dance has changed. Treachery is afoot in gilded and velvet halls. A sorcerous conspiracy is unleashed, with blood, death, and warfare close behind. Vianne must flee, carrying the Great Seal of Arquitaine with her. This is the one thing the conspirators need to rule, and they won’t rest until they have it. A life of dances, intrigues, and fashion has not prepared Vianne for this. Nor has it prepared her for Tristan d’Arcenne, Captain of the King’s Guard and player in the most dangerous games conspiracy can devise. Yet to save her country and avenge her Princesse, Vianne will become what she must and do whatever is required.

A Queen can do no less.

Lili is a class act and with such an exciting story – that’s so different from anything she’s done before—we felt we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to try something new.


  1. AndieN

    October 6, 2011
    at 3:09 pm

    I wish I could see this as a good thing, but I can’t.

  2. anna

    October 8, 2011
    at 3:59 pm

    I’m really looking forward to reading this! I do hope, though, that you consider releasing a print version at some point. I realize I’m a bit of a luddite, but I really prefer a book book to an e-book.

  3. John B

    October 9, 2011
    at 10:03 pm

    If this is in any way a suggestion that printed books are dodoing, it’s a really bad sign.

    Why the eBook only here? What prompted the “opportunity to try something new”? Seems any body would offer the opportunity. Why now, why this book? I buy about half eBooks, but I’d be tempted to *not* support an eBook only release if it’s a test of virtually printed buying habits.

  4. Nina

    October 12, 2011
    at 3:52 am

    I love Lilith Saintcrow and this book sounds amazing! I am disappointed to hear that it’s in Ebook only right now–I prefer owning and reading print books, but do read eBooks, usually out of necessity when a story is only available in that form. I like to wait for the print edition when a book is first published as eBook–I would snatch up this book in a second if/when printed. I will likely purchase the eBook just because I enjoy the author so much and I’ve been waiting for Hedgewitch Queen to come out.

  5. Carole-Ann

    October 12, 2011
    at 1:19 pm

    Sorry to the other posters, but Lili is a “must buy” for me – in whatever medium!!

    AND, I do have some of her books in both paper and ebook !!

    So looking forward to the Hedgewitch Queen – bound to be well-written and enthralling and well up to Lili’s superb standards!!

  6. Kim Miller Brown

    November 6, 2011
    at 4:52 pm

    Good for you Orbit! It’s refreshing to see an imprint experimenting when the rest of the publishing industry is remaining resistant and stagnant.

    I suspect this is because Ms. Saintcrow is dabbling in new territory and there is less risk this way, but I think her readers will gobble this up nonetheless.

    I’ll be adding this series to my wishlist! :)

  7. Rebecca

    June 18, 2012
    at 7:20 pm

    Very disappointed this book is e-book only – I would love to read this story, it is exactly the kind of story I love, but I just don’t enjoy reading e-books. I hope you will reconsider and release this book in print later on so those of us who don’t enjoy reading from a screen can still enjoy it. :(

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