The Subterrene War Clips

In March we’re launching EXOGENE (US | UK| AZ)  the new book in T.C. McCarthy’s thrilling Subterrene War series. To introduce readers to the world, T.C. scripted a video short story featuring in-world interviews from the front-lines. Visit to view the clips.

About the Videos:

The Subterrene War is a war fought in the future, in cen­tral Asia, between the U.S. and Russia over min­eral rights for some very rare earth met­als that are cru­cial to the build­ing of high-​​powered technology.

We have a new weapon in this war, often fought under­ground and in mines (hence the name): germline units. Amer­i­can cit­i­zens know very lit­tle about these weapons–only that they are being used. The gov­ern­ment assures us they are not “peo­ple.” But germline units have all the appear­ances of young girls, and are raised into their teens in vats, then sent forth onto the bat­tle­field with pre­pro­grammed notions of death and honor.

In the Subterrene War Clips, a small doc­u­men­tary crew was able to gain access to indi­vid­ual inter­views to the rear-​​area. The gov­ern­ment sub­se­quently heav­ily cen­sored their work, and lit­tle of it was seen; until now.

A small group of activists were able to recover four clips from these inter­views, and they reveal some star­tling truths about the state of the War.

Watch the clips at

Praise for EXOGENE:
“… a rumination on identity and faith, anchored by a protagonist who brings surprising and moving depths to familiar science-fiction concepts.”

— Kirkus (starred review)

“… a stark and wrenching sequel to Germline… the conclusion is simultaneously heartbreaking and triumphant, and utterly appropriate for the brutal, bloody, and magnificent story.”
— Publishers Weekly (starred review)