Elizabeth Moon’s new fantasy novel ECHOES OF BETRAYAL – published today!

the cover of Elizabeth Moon's fantasy novel Echoes of Betrayal. Shows a man holding a crossbow

We’re excited to announce that the third epic fantasy novel in Elizabeth Moon’s stunning Paladin’s Legacy series, ECHOES OF BETRAYAL (UK | ANZ), is published today in the UK!

Here are just a few of the good things people have been saying about the series!

“What sheer delight . . . an engrossing new adventure.” – Anne McCaffrey

“I am looking forward to reading the next book . . .  The Paladin’s Legacy has its goal in sight, and I for one will be interested to read how it all ends.” – Strange Horizons

Really had me hooked . . . an engrossing read.” – SFFWorld.com

As threats build abroad, treachery strikes at home.

While King Kieri struggles to end the war that plagues his borders, his new subjects are becoming restless. His people include both humans and elves, and their uneasy accord is cracking under the demands of war.

the three covers for the Paladin's Legacy epic fantasy series by Elizabeth Moon

Kieri doesn’t fully appreciate the danger until someone close to him is found slain in the woods, and his beloved new wife also finds her life in danger. Kieri must seek out the corruption within his grandmother’s elvish court, or all he’s achieved will turn to nothing.

Trouble also finds Dorrin Verrakai on the road, riding to command her kingdom’s defences in the war-torn provinces. Her family’s dark power is rising again and it’s down to her to root out the devastating influence of their illicit blood magic. Then her investigations reveal magery in the last place anyone expected . . .