Which Tom Holt novel is right for you?

For the first time ever Tom Holt’s entire backlist is available to readers in the US in ebook. That’s 24 charming novels that will entertain and leave you in stitches with their humor and mayhem.

To find out which Tom Holt novel might be right for you, visit the new Tom Holt website where you can click through a fun, interactive survey to arrive at the perfect novel tailored to your heart’s desire. Will it be SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN SAMURAI? Or perhaps ODDS AND GODS where the gods are living out their immortal days in the Sunnyvoyde Residential Home.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the US or UK. Everyone can play along. So head on over to the Tom Holt website and discover which novels will satisfy your cravings. Happy reading!

Tom Holt website