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Announcing THE PETROVITCH TRILOGY, now an eBook Omnibus!

Philip K. Dick award winning The Samuil Petrovitch Trilogy by Simon MordenThe Philip K. Dick award-winning series, THE PETROVITCH TRILOGY (UK | US) by Simon Morden is about to be released as an ebook omnibus for the first time.

This is ahead of the release of  brand new title from Simon called THE CURVE OF THE EARTH (UK | US | ANZ) – also coming in March.

All these novels star Russian émigré and super-genius Samuil Petrovitch, whose incredibly low tolerance for fools and penchant for getting on the wrong side of pretty much everyone makes him the most unlikely hero the world has ever seen.

Or what’s left of the world, anyway.

See, there’s the small issue of the apocalypse. London as we know it has suffered an Armageddon . . . but hey! Life still goes on right?

If you’re entering the Metrozone for the first time, we’ve put together a handy guide to its genesis, and what sort of things you might expect to find there . . .

Refugees are pouring into London – literally, tens of thousands of people a day are arriving by car, by bike, on foot, by train. The imperative is this massive influx of people find shelter from the rain, which due to the prevailing weather systems, runs a good risk of being radioactive.

The city cannot cope. Massive urban slums build up within the city centre, all available space being built on by the refugees. The population inside the M25 swells to around 25 million. In order to control the numbers, a massive cordon is thrown up, with watch towers, razor wire, motion detectors, armed guards, automatic guns.

The last entry points to the area within the M25 are closed. Everyone inside is in the Inzone. Those left in the Outzone beyond the cordon are those who are too crazy, too criminal or too slow to gain entrance.

The London Metrozone, as the Inzone is now known, hits on the solution to the slums by importing vast numbers of converted shipping containers, already fitted out with plumbing and electrical connections. These units, known as domics, slot together (and more importantly sit on top of one another) to form huge structures known as ‘domic piles’. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

A new super-rich elite (generally as corrupt as the cops that roam the streets) have started to build corporate headquarters and fantastically tall luxury apartment blocks. The blindingly new sits side-by-side with the ancient (old London as we’d recognise it), with residual domic piles still littered here and there.

The Curve of the Earth, a new Samuil Petrovitch near-future science fiction novel from Philip K. Dick award-winner Simon Morden - perfect for fans of Richard MorganGangs roam the streets, the Yazuka, the Russian mob, and something now known as the New Machine Jihad, wielding homemade weapons.

Despite the appearance of forward progress, you are not safe.

THE PETROVITCH TRILOGY is published in ebook in March.
Read the first chapter of book one EQUATIONS OF LIFE.

A brand new Samuil Petrovitch title called THE CURVE OF THE EARTH (UK | US | ANZ) will also be released in March.

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