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First Looks: Fall 2013 – Winter 2014 US Covers

Winter 2013/Fall 2014

A new season of books is inbound, and it sure looks like it’s going to be an exciting one! Here’s the first crop of covers from the Fall 2013 – Winter 2014 season. We’re still putting the finishing touches on a few more, but you’ll be seeing them soon.

Because the smaller scale doesn’t do any of these fantastic covers justice, click on the images below to see a larger version. So pin, tweet, and comment to your heart’s content and tell us which books are already on your “Must have!” lists!

Robinson_Shaman_HC  Banks_HydrogenSonata-TP  Wells_DirtyMagic-TP  McClellan_PromiseofBlood-TP  McClellan_Kez Campaign-HC  rosethornFINAL  Locke_Long Live the Queen-HC  Lafferty_GhostTraintoNOLA-TP  Charming_2strip_TYPE  Knight_LastToRise-TP  Cameron_Fell Sword-TP  Holt_WhenItsAjar-TP  Higgins_WolfhoundCentury-TP  Higgins_TruthandFear-HC   Gwynne_Malice-TP  Grant_Parasite-HC   Fultz_SevenSorcerers-TP  Cobley_AncestralMachines_TP  Morden_Arcanum-TP  Carlson_ColdBlooded-TP   Abercrombie_RedCountry-TP

Art Credits: Shaman art by Michał Karcz, design by Kirk Benshoff. The Hydrogen Sonata design by Lauren Panepinto. Dirty Magic photo by Shirley Green, illustration by Don Sipley, design by Lauren Panepinto. Promise of Blood photo-illustration by Michael Frost and Gene Mollica, design by Lauren Panepinto. The Crimson Campaign photo-illustration by Michael Frost and Gene Mollica, design by Lauren Panepinto. The Rose and Thorn illustration by Larry Rostant, design by Lauren Panepinto. Long Live the Queen photo by House of Indulgence, illustration by Don Sipley, design by Lauren Panepinto. The Ghost Train to New Orleans illustration by Jamie McKelvie, design by Nina Tara & Lauren Panepinto. Charming photo by Shirley Green, illustration & Design by Wendy Chan. Last To Rise design & illustration by Tim Byrne. The Fell Sword art by Epica Prima, hand lettering by Zelda Devon, design by Lauren Panepinto. When It’s Ajar design by Lauren Panepinto. Malice illustration by Paul Young. Parasite design by Lauren Panepinto. Seven Sorcerers art by Richard Anderson, design by Lauren Panepinto. Ancestral Machines illustration by Steve Stone, design by Kirk Benshoff. Cold Blooded photo by Shirley Green illustration by Rob Shields, design by Chad Roberts. Red Country photo-illustration by Michael Frost and Gene Mollica, design by Lauren Panepinto. Arcanum design by Duncan Spilling.

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  1. Lexie C.

    March 12, 2013
    at 9:47 am

    Oh this is a snap–THE PROMISE OF BLOOD and THE CRIMSON CAMPAIGN are both on my pre-order list. Also PARASITE because anything Mira Grant does I will buy and devour (as a reader, I won’t actually eat the books, books don’t taste that good).

    THE GHOST TRAIN TO NEW ORLEANS looks mighty interesting, but I want to see how I like THE SHAMBLING GUIDE TO NEW YORK first. and CHARMING sounds interesting so that’s on my ‘to check out when I have time not that I ever actually have time but I’ll figure out how to make some eventually’ list (its a very specific list).

  2. Brandon Z

    March 12, 2013
    at 4:06 pm

    I’m definitely looking forward to The Promise of Blood and the Riyria Chronicles books (they’re all pre-ordered), and I might check out Malice.

  3. Tez Miller

    March 12, 2013
    at 5:23 pm

    LONG LIVE THE QUEEN and PARASITE for me! :-) Still waiting on THE QUEEN IS DEAD from my library…

  4. AngelaMT

    March 13, 2013
    at 12:35 pm

    Very, very excited for Parasite. I love the way Ms. Grant writes and how she includes and uses scientific facts/organizations.

    By way of cover art (and let us be honest about first impression: We do judge books by their cover when we browse the store) I must say I am inclined to The Ghost Train to New Orleans, and Shaman.


  5. Bonnie

    March 21, 2013
    at 5:31 pm

    Ecstatic that there’s a new Mira Grant to look forward to.
    I’m really intrigued by the Amanda Carlson series but I haven’t even picked up the first one yet. One of these days. :)

  6. maria g

    March 27, 2013
    at 12:04 pm

    So many great books! Can’t wait!

  7. Paul Watson

    March 27, 2013
    at 12:52 pm

    Love MICHAEL J SULLIVAN’s series so really looking forward to reading his prequels to the Riyria Revelations with the release of THE CROWN TOWER in August (although you’ve chosen book two, THE ROSE AND THE THORN as the book cover image above in this new series which is released in September). Also Brian McClellan has done a really good job on the net bringing his new series to light and have read the first chapter which bodes well as a story I can’t wait to read more of in PROMISE OF BLOOD and THE CRIMSON CAMPAIGN.

  8. Paul Watson

    March 27, 2013
    at 1:00 pm

    Oh… and missed seeing the new Michael Cobley book ANCESTRAL MACHINES above. He writes nothing but amazing space yarns of epic proportions, and one not to be missed if his other books are anything to go by.

    Well done. What an amazing shelf of new Fantasy & Science Fiction novels you have on display here!

  9. Bea

    March 27, 2013
    at 9:47 pm

    Parasite is at the top of my must have list, followed by Dirty Magic, Long Live the Queen and Cold Blooded. I can hardly wait!

  10. Carol

    March 28, 2013
    at 9:49 pm

    Got to have Dirty Magic; Promise of Blood & Crimson Campaign; Long Live the Queen & Charming; Seven Sorcerers & Stalk the Night. Too many great books, & way too little time to read.

  11. ForzY

    June 5, 2014
    at 8:48 pm

    I just finished, literally, ‘Last to Rise’ and decided to check out this site here. I loved the ‘Rojan Dizon’ trilogy, but the way the author left him at the end keeps my hopes up for more adventures in that realm and with the same hero. I would really, really like that.
    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to you all to introducing me to this great site which looks full of great authors and very interesting books. Special thank you to Francis Knight!

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