An interview with Marlene Perez on STRANGE FATES

STRANGE FATES by Marlene PerezGreek myth and forbidden romance meet in this exciting new urban fantasy by Marlene Perez. STRANGE FATES is a hot, new series for adult readers which follows the perilous journey of Nyx Fortuna – an immortal with a serious bone to pick with fate. Read the first chapter here or check out this interview with the author to find out more about the mythology and how Marlene transitioned from writing YA to adult fiction.

Strange Fates is a departure from your YA works. Even though he looks like he’s twenty, Nyx is already several centuries years old. What made you decide to write from the POV of an older protagonist?

I was interested in a different take on an immortal. They’re often written as wiser and all-knowing, but in my experience, more years on the planet doesn’t necessarily make you any wiser/better, especially if you haven’t dealt with your issues. Nyx has definite issues he hasn’t dealt with. He also has a bit of a drinking problem and addiction slows or stops emotional growth. He’ll grow throughout the novels, but it will be slow and painful.

What has the transition been like switching from YA to adult urban fantasy? Did you change your writing process at all?

My writing process usually starts with me finding some little gem of information somewhere and then huddling over it like Gollum did with the ring, muttering “my precious” and hoarding it, waiting for the right time/right book to use it in. I wasn’t trying to write from a male point of view, but Nyx just started talking to me. He was a little drunk at the time and I knew I had to start Strange Fates in a bar.

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