PARASITE: Choose life. Choose health. Choose SymboGen

“Imagine a world without costly prescription drugs. Where useless diets, insulin checks, and allergies are a thing of the past.”

Hmm, sounds pretty good. Maybe too good…

SymboGen wants to tell you all about their new product, the Intestinal Bodyguard, which has been hailed as the next step in human evolution, but do we trust them? Head over to today for more information or follow them on Twitter.

Remember to pre-order PARASITE (US | UK | AUS) by Mira Grant, releasing on October 29th!

SymboGen: Come join us!

Praise for PARASITE:

“Grant extends the zombie theme of her Newsflesh trilogy to incorporate thoughtful reflections on biomedical issues that are both ominously challenging and eerily plausible. Sally is a complex, compassionate character, well suited to this exploration of trust, uncertainty, and the price of progress.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Readers with strong stomachs will welcome this unusual take on the future.” — Kirkus

“The first book of this ominous duology blends sci-fi imagination with the terrifying authenticity of horror then delivers like a creeping thriller, getting under your skin in a very good way.” — Amazon Big Fall Preview List