Riyria Trivia Challenge Results

Have you been participating in the Riyria Trivia Challenge on Facebook? It’s time to tally up the scores and see how you all did! In case you either missed out on all the fun or have fallen a bit behind, here are the questions again. The answers are hidden beneath the jump, but I trust that none of you will cheat. Honor amongst thieves and all, right?

What is Riyria elvish for?
What color is Arista’s hair?
The first to die in the contest in Dahlgren?
All of the members of the Black Diamond Thieves Guild members adopt names related to what?
What was Hadrian’s father’s name?
The independent Wesbaden trader was named?
Who was Mince’s best friend?
Who was known as a “questor”?
Mawyndulë was a member of what tribe?
Pickles got his name because?
According to Grue who is the god of weather and gambling?
Who built the Crown Tower?
Edgar’s Swamp was named after?
What was Dunwoodie’s horse named?
Who were Todd the Tinker and Bill the Baker?


Who was the man in the dungeons under the palace of Aquesta praying for?
What is in the bottom of the well in Drondil Fields?
Arista had a palfrey as a young girl, what was it called?
In the night sky what do four bright stars represent?
What did Merrick’s father do for a living?


  1. Two, a bond, and a team
  2. Auburn
  3. Enden
  4. Gems
  5.  Danbury Blackwater, Tramus Dan, Pa
  6. The Bright Star
  7. Kine
  8. Gravin Dent
  9. Miralyith
  10. He was conceived and born on a pickle barrel.
  11.  Walter
  12. Glenmorgan I
  13. Edgar the carpenter
  14. Diamond
  15.  Patrons of Medford House
  16. Thrace
  17.  A smithing hammer
  18. Tamarisk
  19. Persephone
  20.  Magistrate

So how did you do?

(0-4) Common Sellsword: Oops. You missed a few targets. It might be time for a reread.
(5-9) Regular at The Rose and The Thorn Tavern: You’ve heard all the stories, but you’re fuzzy on a few details.
(10-14) Journeyman Thief: You’ve got the makings of a master, but you’re still lacking some polish.
(15-19) Champion Duelist: Great form! Your surname isn’t Pickering by any chance?
(20) PERFECT SCORE: What’s the Elvish word for three because if Royce and Hadrian are ever thinking about expanding their business, you’d be a great addition to the team.