First Look: Fall 2014 to Winter 2015 US Covers

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Are you sitting down? If not, then you should be because these covers are going to knock you off your feet. The Orbit Art Department has again delivered some positively breathtaking jackets. Enjoy this preview of our Fall and Winter line-up with more to follow over the next few months.

Click on the images below to see a larger version and appreciate each cover in its full glory.  Let us know which books are headed to your wish list!

Cobley_AncestralMachines_TP   Leckie_AncillarySword_TP   Watson_AgeofIron-TP

McClellan_AutumnRepublic-HC   McClellan_CrimsonCampaign_TP   Painter_CityEternalNight-TP

Sykes_TheCityStainedRed-TP  Dalglish_DanceofGhosts_TP   James_Daring-TP

Wells_DeadlySpells_TP   Miller_TheFalconThrone-HC   Jemisin_Inheritance-TP

   Carriger_Prudence-HC   Carlson_RedBlooded-TP.jpg   Grant_Symbiont-HC

Grant_Parasite-TP   Higgins_TruthandFear-TP   Bear_WarDogs-HC

Art Credit: Ancestral Machines: Illustration by Steve Stone, Design by Kirk Benshoff; Ancillary Sword: Illustration by John Harris, Design by Kirk Benshoff; Age of Iron: Illustration by Larry Rostant; The Autumn Republic and The Crimson Campaign:  Photo-Illustration by Gene Mollica and Michael Frost, Design by Lauren Panepinto; City of Eternal Night: Design by Lauren Panepinto; The City Stained Red: Design by Lauren Panepinto; Dance of Ghosts: Illustration by Gene Mollica, Model Bryce Birmingham, Design by Kirk Benshoff; Daring: Photo by Shirley Green, Design by Wendy Chan; Deadly Spells: Photo by Shirley Green, Illustration by Don Sipley, Design by Lauren Panepinto; The Falcon Throne: Illustration by Raphael Lacoste, Design by Kirk Benshoff; The Inheritance Trilogy: Design by Lauren Panepinto; Prudence: Photo by Shirley Green, Illustration by Don Sipley, Design by Lauren Panepinto; Red Blooded: Photo by Shirley Green, Illustration by Rob Shields, Type by Chad Roberts; Symbiont: Design by Lauren Panepinto; Parasite: Design by Lauren Panepinto; Truth and Fear: Design by Lauren Panepinto, Photo by Arcangel Images; War Dogs: Design by Lauren Panepinto, Photo by Arcangel Images