Spring – Summer 2015 UK Cover Launches


There’s definitely a chill in the air again as we head toward the darker half of the year, but we’re already looking forward to the spring in 2015 and the absolutely incredible selection of books we’ll be publishing here at Orbit UK!

Below is a selection of the covers coming to bookshelves near you in 2015. We’ll be releasing more closer to the time, so stay tuned.

Click on the covers for a larger version, and feel free to share your favourites.

Robinson_Auroroa_HC Abraham_SpidersWar_TP  Corey_NemesisGames_HC

Watson_ClashofIron-TP Dalglish_ADanceOfChaos_TP  Jemisin_FifthSeason-TP

Peeler-JinnandJuice-TP  9780356502526 Cobley_AncestralMachines_TPB

Corey_CibolaBurn_TP   9780356502182  Weeks-BrokenEye-TP

SKIN GAME by Jim Butcher  Miller_TheFalconThrone-TP  Canavan_ThiefsMagic-TP

The Spider’s War: Design by Kirk Benshoff; Aurora: Design by Kirk Benshoff; Clash of Iron: Cover design by Ceara Elliot, Cover illustrations by Larry Rostant; A Dance of Chaos: Design by Kirk Benshoff, Cover model Bryce Bermingham, Photo-illustration by Michael Frost & Gene Mollica;  Nemesis Games: Design by Kirk Benshoff, Illustration by Daniel Dociu; The Fifth Season: Design by Lauren Panepinto; Jinn and Juice: Design By Lauren Panepinto, Cover illustration by Nathalia Sueellen; The Rhesus Chart: design by crush-design.co.uk; Thief’s Magic: Cover design by Lee Gibbons/Tin Moon Limited; The Broken Eye: Cover design by Lauren Panepinto, Cover illustration by Silas Manhood, Cover figure photo by Shirley Green; Cibola Burn: Design by Kirk Benshoff, Illustration by Daniel Dociu; The High Druid’s Blade: Cover Illustration by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme; Skin Game: design by Chris McGrath; The Falcon Throne: Design by Kirk Benshof, Illustration by Raphael Lacoste; Ancestral Machines: Design by Kirk Benshoff, Illustration by Steve Stone.