Cover Launch: The Extinction Series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Nicholas Sansbury Smith’s The Extinction Cycle has exploded onto the self-publishing scene two years ago, and now we’re so excited to be welcoming him to the Orbit list! For the first time, Nick’s blockbuster series will be coming to a bookstore near you in Mass Market Paperback. In honor of the new partnership, we’ve got a whole new batch of kick-ass covers that will make any apocalypse fan swoon. Check out the series in eBook, now or pick up the first book, EXTINCTION HORIZON, on May 30th, 2017.

 When a top secret medical facility goes dark, an elite Delta Force team is called in to face their deadliest enemy yet—a virus that turns men into monsters.

“With Extinction Horizon, Nicholas Sansbury Smith delivers unrelenting, unmerciful action to his readers, and he weaves it seamlessly with just enough scientific know-how that after each chapter you’re left looking around and wondering not IF this is going to happen, but WHEN.”—D. J. Molles, author of The Remaining

“Nicholas Sansbury Smith combines plausible science with fast-paced military action in an epic juggernaut that races along at supersonic speed. Fans of the genre are sure to love it!”— Russell Blake, bestselling author of The Day After Never

“A blistering, high octane thrill ride to the brink of humanity’s extinction. Nicholas Sansbury Smith plunges the reader right into the middle of the action, alongside a cast of unforgettable characters, as they fight tooth and nail to survive one impossible mission after another-to stop an extinction level virus. The Extinction Cycle series is post-apocalyptic, military science fiction at its best. Highly addictive!”—Steven Konkoly, USA Today bestselling author of The Jakarta Pandemic

“Fast-paced military action meets cool, cutting-edge science. Extinction is no longer a Darwinian battle of the fittest. It’s a race for survival.” —E. E. Giorgi, author of Chimeras

“Extinction Horizon is a roller coaster ride of fear and adrenaline that you will not want to put down. Nicholas Sansbury Smith once again separates himself from the masses with a brilliantly entertaining post-apocalyptic thriller.” —W. J. Lundy, author of Only the Dead Live Forever

Design by Lisa Marie Pompilio
Illustration by Blake Morrow