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Acquisition Announcement: Orbit announces the publication of original Culture drawings from the Estate of Iain M. Banks.

Original drawings by Iain M. Banks, author of the hugely popular Culture novels, will be included in a book that celebrates the author’s vision of the Culture universe. The previously unseen drawings, most of which are annotated by the author, and many of which predate the writing of the novels themselves, will be curated by the Estate of Iain M. Banks and Iain’s life-long friend and science fiction writer Ken MacLeod. With additional commentary by MacLeod, further notes on the Culture, and extracts from the Culture novels, the book will provide a unique insight into the Culture, including its history, language, technology, philosophy and values.

Orbit acquired world rights through literary agent Mic Cheetham and will publish in 2019 with simultaneous publication in the UK and US.

We’re thrilled that the Estate has given us permission to publish the collection, and that owing to special circumstances Ken MacLeod has agreed to join the team working on it.

  1. Niall McAuley

    February 12, 2018
    at 4:14 pm

    Special Circumstances, you say?

  2. doofus

    February 12, 2018
    at 10:02 pm

    …Special Circumstances…

  3. John

    February 12, 2018
    at 11:59 pm

    Great news; I had no idea there were drawings, so I’m delighted.

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