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B is for Bakker

B is for Bakker, the author of the groundbreaking Prince of Nothing trilogy, who now returns to the world of Earwa with the first book of The Aspect-Emperor, The Judging Eye.

For readers who haven’t heard the buzz

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R. Scott Bakker

R. Scott Bakker is a student of literature, history, philosophy and ancient languages. He divides his time between writing philosophy and fantasy, though he often has difficulty distinguishing between them. He lives in London, Ontario.…

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Orbit Links for December 19th 2008

Hello and welcome to the last Orbit Links round-up of 2008. Lots to tell you about this week, so – with but a brief segue to wish all our readers a happy, healthy and utterly book-filled holiday season – here …

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Orbit UK 2009 Publication List

Orbit UK has published the following titles during 2009 (click on the title in the list or scroll down the screen for more information on a particular book, or use Ctrl+F in your browser to check for titles by your …

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