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The Black Prism Book Trailer

THE BLACK PRISM by Brent Weeks is available now in paperback in the US (it will be out in the UK and AUS in September!) To celebrate, Orbit teamed up with up-and-coming filmmaker Leo Kei Angelos to create a book trailer that’s chock-full of wild stunts, explosive action, flintlock guns, and glowy magic. Enjoy the trailer below!

San Diego Comic Con!

It’s here – the annual crush of awesome that is San Diego Comic Con. This year Orbit is hunkering down in booth #1116, right across from the fabulous Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore. After the jump you’ll find some Orbit events and programs you won’t want to miss.  And be sure to come by the Orbit booth #1116 to say hello – we’ve got lots of fun stuff to share!

Introducing the Orbit Books Podcast

We’re thrilled to launch the Orbit podcast, hosted by Jack Womack. The first episode features a wide-ranging conversation with Joe Abercrombie, whose new book, THE HEROES, is out now. Subjects covered include: hand-to-hand combat, warfare and film, gallows humor, death metal, the American Civil War, and more. You can listen to the full episode below, or subscribe on itunes or the RSS feed.

UPDATE: It looks like some people are having problems downloading via itunes. It should be resolved shortly, but if you can’t download directly, try subscribing to the podcast in itunes.

This Valentine’s Day, Say it With BRAAAAAINS

Jesse Petersen’s Living With The Dead series follows the unlikely adventures of a couple whose marriage is saved by the Zombie Apocalypse. Truly, nothing brings a couple closer than trying to survive  in a world overtaken by the undead. Which is why you should click through below for some zombie Valentine’s Day cards…

Joe Abercrombie in Time Magazine

Joe Abercrombie’s latest, THE HEROES, appears on Time Magazine′s “Short List of Things to Do” this week:

Here’s what to do while you wait for George R.R. Martin’s next fantasy novel: read Joe Abercrombie’s. It’s a magnificent, richly entertaining account of a single three-day battle — complete with balletic Kurosawan violence — that leaves behind no heroes, only survivors.

As a huge Kurosawa enthusiast, and the kind of guy who fast-forwards to the battle scenes in movies, let me second that. If battles are your thing, this book is for you— it’s pretty much ALL battle.

You can get a bit of background on the book with these video interviews with Joe: Part one, Part two, and Part three.

So… ready to take the field? If for some reason you are still having  doubts, let us reassure you — the Union needs you, and there’s plenty of room for new recruits. Dive into the battle here with this excerpt — just try to keep your head down.


Over at the newly launched you can read two new excerpts from THE DRAGON’S PATH (by Daniel Abraham) and LEVIATHAN WAKES (by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck writing as James S.A. Corey.) These are two of the most hotly anticipated  launches of the year (see here and here for some early buzz,) so  if you’re a fan of fantasy or space opera, this Spring/Summer is going to be EPIC. Read on below for the excerpts.

The public gaol of Vanai had once been a menagerie.  In ancient days, the dragons themselves had stalked the wide square and bathed in the great fountain at its center.  At the perimeter, a deep pit, and then great cages rising three stories high.  The dragon’s jade facades were carved with figures of the beasts that had once paced behind the iron bars: lions, gryphons, great six-headed serpents, wolves, bears, great birds with breasts like women… Read More

The Scopuli had been taken eight days ago, and Julie Mao was finally ready to be shot.

It had taken all eight days trapped in a storage locker to get to that point.  For the first two she’d remained motionless, sure that the armored men who’d put her there had been serious…Read More

Io9’s Power List

We’re thrilled to see Orbit VP and Publisher Tim Holman on I09’s  Power List for 2010.

Looking at Orbit’s 2010 titles, you’re struck by their range, from hard science fiction icon Greg Bear to space opera master Iain M. Banks, and from postmodern epic fantasy author N.K. Jemisin to steampunk innovator Gail Carriger. Not to mention a lot of weird zombie books, from Mira Grant’s Feed to Jesse Petersen’s Flip This Zombie. Holman has been instrumental in making Orbit a force to be reckoned with in the United States.

Thanks I09! Tim promises to only use his power for good.  With his jetpack, however, he makes no guarantees.