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New York Comicon!

Orbit will be at New York Comicon this weekend at booth #1921. Stop by and have a gander at some of our upcoming titles. And keep an eye out for Jeff Somers, who will be speaking, twittering, video-ing, and signing copies of The Electric Church and The Digital Plague.

Friday 2/6, 3pm: Jeff Somers signing at the Orbit booth. (Jeff explains: “Swing by and I’ll sign anything you want, even body parts. Well, most body parts.”)

Saturday 2/7, 1:30pm: Sci-Fi, Supernatural and Fantasy Authors Round Table, followed by a book signing and giveaway with Jeff Somers in the Autograph area.

Twitter Fiction

Jeff Somers — author of The Electric Church, The Digital Plague, and the forthcoming The Eternal Prison — is tweeting a short story, a few lines at a time.

the sense of vastness that the open, undeveloped property conveyed—he felt unreal, as if it was all put there just for him to contemplate. 9:00 AM yesterday from web

With the soft rustling of the grass swaying in the wind and the shadowed, shifting mass of the tree line in the distance— 9:00 AM yesterday from web

The sky was a peculiar shade of dark, dark purple, making it seem like the universe beyond was on fire, being consumed. 9:00 AM yesterday from web

Henry stood on his back porch with a cup of after-dinner coffee and shivered in the cool twilight air. 9:00 AM yesterday from web

The Black Boxes, by Jeff Somers 8:59 AM yesterday from web

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In Their Own Words: Jennifer Rardin on ONE MORE BITE

Jennifer says:

One More BiteI guess this time the title really does say it all. Like chips and salsa or squeezy cheese on Ritz crackers, this story should fire up a hunger in you that keeps you plowing through the pages like a fourth-day dieter at an all-you-can-eat buffet. The ghosts. The witches. The repeated assassination attempts. The fact that Jaz’s dad has brought his cigars and his room-clearing farts to the show. It all kinda makes you go, “Oh, no! I can’t! I shouldn’t! GIMME!”

And you thought Scotland was all just cute dudes in kilts and wee bonnie lasses. Ha!

One More Bite [UK | US] is out this month and you can find it at all good booksellers.

A Card

As we wind down for the holidays in the New York office we wanted to wish all the readers, reviewers, booksellers and authors who are part of our Orbit a very happy holiday. We’ll see you in the new year!

2 out of 10!

MatterWe’re thrilled to point to the Amazon Editors’ Best of 2008 top 10 list in Science Fiction & Fantasy, which includes both Matter by Iain M. Banks (US|UK) and Black Ships by Jo Graham! (US|UK)

Black ShipsJo Graham’s next book, Hand of Isis, will be out in March 2009. You can keep up with the author and enter to win an advance copy of the book at her livejournal.

And at the official Iain M. Banks site you can catch up on our recent fan QAs with the author (part one, part two, part three) and read an extract from Matter.