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Lauren P.

I’m the Creative Director for Orbit Books and Yen Press. I was in charge of Trade Paperback design at The Doubleday Publishing Group, and before that I designed covers for St. Martin’s Press and Picador Books. I’ve been designing book covers for 7+ years, but I’ve been a geek forever. I cut my teeth working at comic book stores in NYC (Jim Hanley’s Universe) and Boston (Comicopia) through high school and college, I’m a connoisseur of sci-fi and fantasy movies (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Dune, Matrix, and any bad vampire movie are tops), books (I can name names for paragraphs here, but let’s just say I’ve read all the Dune books and leave it at that), and comic books (Transmetropolitan, Sandman, Hellboy, X-Men, Watchmen, and many more.) I’m very excited to finally get a chance to combine my love of this genre and my love of design.

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