Praise for Daniel Abraham

‘Daniel Abraham is one of the reasons the fantasy genre continues to haunt my dreams.  Abraham is fiercely talented, disturbingly human, breathtakingly original and even on his bad days kicks all sorts of literary ass.  Welcome to the world of the andats, of the haunted extraordinary poets, a world where men enslave ideas, where these slaves scheme to avenge themselves, where every bad deed spawns more, a world where after the treachery, the conspiracies, the journeys, all that’s ever left in the end are the consequences.  Welcome to Daniel Abraham. If you are meeting him for the first time I envy you: you are in for a remarkable journey.’ Junot Diaz, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

‘Daniel Abraham gets better with every book. A Shadow in Summer was among the strongest first novels of the last decade, and A Betrayal in Winter was a terrific second book, but in An Autumn War, Abraham puts both of them in the shade. This book really bows the top off, taking the world of the andat and the poets in new and unexpected directions. An Autumn War will keep you turning pages and break your heart in the bargain. If there’s any justice, this should be a contender for all the major awards.’ George R. R. Martin

‘There is much to love in the Long Price Quartet. It is epic in scope, but character-centered. The setting is unique yet utterly believable. The storytelling is smooth, careful and – best of all – unpredictable. The first two books impressed me, but An Autumn War surpassed them, leaving me stunned and wondering where Abraham will take me in the fourth book.”  Patrick Rothfuss

‘I already knew Daniel Abraham was an excellent writer. An Autumn War is his best novel yet: his quiet compassion for humanity slams hard against his clear-eyed depiction of the ruthless progress of war and the bitter choices people must often make to protect their own. Highly recommended.’  Kate Elliott

‘Abraham’s series gets more mind-expanding with every book. An Autumn War ratchets up the tension and then delivers a stunning ending that will leave you gasping for breath, wondering what bowling ball just slammed you in the skull. Yes, it is that good.’  Walter Jon Williams

‘Enjoyable, intelligent, original fantasy’ Starburst

‘One of the most elegant and engaging fantasies I’ve read in years, based on an intriguing, original premise. I eagerly await the remaining volumes in Daniel Abraham’s The Long Price Quartet’ Jacqueline Carey

‘In addition to the creation of an architecturally-perfect fantasy world filled with a fascinating, highly distinctive set of characters, Daniel Abraham has introduced into fantasy one brilliant, stunning new idea, a magic system in which the Word is made Flesh’  Walter Jon Williams on A Shadow in Summer

‘There’s something genuinely new here. . . Fascinating’  Locus

‘Beguiling . . . The world-building is immaculate’ Deathray

‘A compelling, emotionally brutal and edgy fantasy that’s genuinely worthy of comparison with genre heavyweights like George R.R. Martin . . . exceptionally well-written’ SFX

‘Ambitious and brilliant . . . The ideas on which Abraham has built this series are original and thought-provoking, in a genre where cliche can be rife . . .  surely one of the brightest stars to come into the genre for quite a while.’ 
The BookSwede

‘A thoroughly engrossing debut novel from a major new fantasist. A poignant human tale of power, heartbreak, and betrayal’ George R.R. Martin

‘[An] impressive first novel . . . The long outcome should be the addition of Daniel Abraham to the pantheon of major fantasy authors’ Locus