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ENDER’S GAME – get your hands on the film edition

The time is almost upon us.

The film version of ENDER’S GAME – one of the most popular and critically acclaimed science fiction novels ever written – will be out in the UK on 25th October .

To celebrate, we’re very pleased to present the final cover for our Orbit film tie-in edition – available from 3rd October.

Starring Harrison Ford as Colonel Hyrum Graff, Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham and Asa Butterfield as the child prodigy Ender himself, we have very high hopes for this movie. The trailer looks spectacular – check out the latest extended version if you haven’t seen it yet.

You can also keep up to date with news on the film on the Ender’s Game Facebook page.

And if you haven’t read the worldwide bestselling, award-winning book behind this film yet, read a free extract to find out what you’re missing.


How did they film the zero G fight scenes for the ENDER’S GAME movie?

The teaser poster for the up-and-coming Ender's Game movie, starring Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield, and based ont he award-winnign science fiction novel by Orson Scott CardOne of the coolest things in Orson Scott Card’s novel ENDER’S GAME – and likely one of the most difficult things to film – are the combat scenes that take place in the zero gravity battle room. So just how did they go about filming them for the Ender’s Game movie?

There’s a great exclusive interview here on i09 from Asa Butterfield (star of Hugo and The Boy In the Striped Pajamas), who plays Ender Wiggin himself.

It’s a very cool insight into the challenges of filming a scifi movie, e.g.:

“When you’re in the harnesses to stop yourself from falling at the waist, which is where they’re connected, you have to be tensed up. So keeping actions smooth whilst having your whole body completely tensed is surprisingly difficult. Meanwhile you’re saying your lines . . .”

You don’t get those issues filming a rom-com!

If you’re based in the UK and want to keep up with all the Ender’s Game film news, there is now both an Ender’s Game UK Facebook page and Ender’s Game UK Twitter account (@EndersGameFilm) that you can follow, along with the Ender’s Game Official Tumblr.

EARTH AFIRE, book two of the First Formic War by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston, a prequel series to the classic novel ENDER' S GAME - now a major motion pictureAndEARTH UNAWARE if you’re keen to find out more back story to ENDER’S GAME, and the conflict that spawned the battle school, we’ll soon be publishing two explosive Orson Scott Card books telling of mankind’s first contact with the alien race – EARTH UNAWARE (UK | ANZ) and EARTH AFIRE (UK | ANZ), books 1 and 2 in The First Formic Wars.

ENDER’S GAME film poster and new look Ender covers!

Film poster for ENDER'S GAME, a film based onthe classic science fiction novel by Orson Scott CardIn case you haven’t heard (. . . you’ve probably heard . . . ), there’s a film version of Orson Scott Card’s classic science fiction novel ENDER’S GAME coming out soon. It will be released in the UK on 25th October this year.

Very excitingly, a teaser poster has just been unveiled! It’s been posted on the official Ender’s Game film Tumblr.

Since the book almost always pops up in those “top 10 science fiction books of all time” lists, you can imagine how many people are eager to see how director Gavin Hood will present this tale of one boy and his destiny among the stars . . .

Things are at least looking promising, given that it’s starring the likes of Harrison Ford (STAR WARS, INDIANA JONES), Asa Butterfield (HUGO) and Ben Kingsley (SCHINDLER’S LIST, SHUTTER ISLAND and IRON MAN 3).

Ender's Game CHILDREN OThe classic and award-winning science fiction novel ENDER'S GAME by Orson Scott Card - soon to be released as a movie starring Harrison FordYou should also check out the very cool battle school logos that got posted on io9 recently.

Anticipation is certainly building! So to celebrate the upcoming film release, we’re releasing new editions of all the books in the Ender Saga.

To the left you can see the new edition of ENDER’S GAME (UK | ANZ) we released recently. And please see the new look below for the exceptional and award-winning follow-ups: SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD (UK | ANZ), XENOCIDE (UK | ANZ) and CHILDREN OF THE MIND (UK | ANZ).

SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD, book 2 in the Ender Saga by Orson Scott Card following Ender's Game - soon to be released as a movie starring Harrison Ford XENOCIDE, book 3 in the Ender Saga by Orson Scott Card following Ender's Game - soon to be released as a movie starring Harrison FordCHILDREN OF THE MIND, book 4 in the Ender Saga by Orson Scott Card following Ender's Game - soon to be released as a movie starring Harrison Ford








These new-look editions will be released on 2nd May this year. Look below to see them in their full glory!

And if you’re a big Ender fan, don’t forget that there’s also an omnibus edition of the parallel story to Ender’s Game, THE SHADOW SAGA (UK | ANZ) available now. (more…)