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Kate Elliott Looks Back at ‘Crown of Stars’

To celebrate the fact that Kate Elliott’s fantasy epic the Crown of Stars series is now available on ebook through Orbit UK, Kate has written us a retrospective on the series . . . enjoy!  

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On Twitter, I was asked by Erin Hoffman what the legacy of the Crown of Stars series is for me today, and I’m going to say something that may seem a little odd.

Anything I tell you about the genesis of the Crown of Stars series will be a lie mediated through my own recasting of memory.

I have always said that the precipitating image for everything that came after is that of a youth walking on a path up and over a ridge in a storm, where he is met by a woman in armor riding a horse as if the storm has brought her. She offers him what he believes is his heart’s desire: To escape his boring life in the village and become a warrior. This scene occurs early in KING’S DRAGON (UK | ANZ), pretty much how I first envisioned it, but I did not at first know who the woman was; that came later.