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Give in to your GREEN-EYED DEMON . . .

Now unleashed in all territories: a big whopping Green-Eyed Demon (UK/ US/ ANZ). No need to get jealous – you can now get your hands on your very own copy of the latest addictively-compulsive instalment in the Sabina Kane series. Jaye Wells is bringing us more from the eternally feisty vamp-mage Sabina Kane, more from the sexy badass mage Adam Lazarus, more from the fiendishly ridiculous cat-demon Giguhl – AND more of her trademark ‘faboulous snarkiness’ – as Book Chick City puts it . . .

Jaye Wells: ultimate Queen of Snark – we salute you!

The clock is ticking for Sabina Kane. With her sister taken by mysterious captors, the Dark Races on the brink of war and a sinister order manipulating everyone behind the scenes, she’s really got her work cut out.

Using information provided by an unlikely ally, Sabina and her trusty sidekicks – the sexy mage Adam Lazarus and Giguhl, the Mischief demon – head to New Orleans to begin the hunt for her sister. Once there, they must contend with belligerent werewolves, magic-wielding vampires and, perhaps most frightening of all, humans.

But before Sabina can save those she cares about, she’s got to save herself from the ghosts of her former life. Because the past is haunting her. Literally.

If you want a sneaky peek at what’s in store for you, you can read a juicy little extract here.


Sabina Kane is back in a new urban fantasy, and this time she’s going to the Big Easy. (But you knew that by the ornamental ironwork balcony behind her, right?) Half mage/ half vampire and all kick-ass, I think this cover continues Craig White‘s great illustrations for the series. I’ve already read all three Sabina Kane books (aren’t you jealous?) and I have to say, if you liked Red-Headed Stepchild then definitely stick around for Mage in Black and Green-Eyed Demon, they just get better.


Red-Headed Stepchild

It’s got vampires, it’s got mages, it’s got assassins . . . and it’s got feisty vamp-mage-assassins! That’s right, it’s Red-Headed Stepchild (UK/US), Jaye Wells’ fantastic debut, and it’s out this week. Here are some of the great reviews it’s been getting:

Kat Richardson calls it ‘Brassy, sassy and hip’.

Karen Chance thinks it’s ‘Fast-paced and funny . . . very enjoyable!’

And SciFi Chick says ‘Red-Headed Stepchild is action-packed suspense at its best. And urban fantasy doesn’t get much better than this. Steeped in mystery, intrigue, and magic, this debut is one of the best I’ve read in months. Jaye Wells is a promising new talent.’

Here’s what’s in store for you lucky readers: (more…)

In Their Own Words: Jaye Wells on RED-HEADED STEPCHILD

Jaye says:

Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye WellsI’ve always had a soft spot for outcasts and rebels. It’s no surprise then that I created a world populated by dark races, who have been literally forced to live in the shadows, hidden from the human race. And in this world, lives an outcast among outcasts. Her name in Sabina Kane, and her story is about what happens when the red-headed stepchild grows up and realizes she’s been betrayed by those who should have protected her.

All of that sounds very deep and dark, but Red-Headed Stepchild is also about how Sabina finds her own tribe of misfits in unlikely places. A mischief demon with a predilection for infomercial shopping. An idealistic nymph who used to work in faery porn. A roguish mage who introduces Sabina to the world of magic. Each helps Sabina navigate a world filled with blood-thirsty wine makers, charismatic cult leaders and hookah-smoking vampires. So really, when you think about it, there’s something in Red-Headed Stepchild for the whole family to enjoy.

Red-Headed Stephchild is out this month! [US|UK|AZ]

Deals and Deliveries: Robert Buettner, Jaye Wells

Robert Buettner

Fans of military SF will be delighted to hear that Orbit UK will be publishing Robert Buettner’s action-packed Jason Wander series, starting with Orphanage, Orphan’s Destiny and Orphan’s Journey in August 2008.

Jaye Wells

Orbit UK will also be publishing Jaye Wells’ compulsively readable urban fantasy trilogy. The first book, Red-Headed Stepchild, is scheduled for April 2009.

Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells

Orbit is thrilled to announce that we have pre-empted a three-book urban fantasy series by debut author Jaye Wells in a six-figure deal with agent Jonathan Lyons of Lyons Literary LLC. The first volume, RED-HEADED STEPCHILD will be published in 2009. (more…)