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The first volume of the Imperial Radch series, ANCILLARY JUSTICE (US | UK | AUS), by Ann Leckie will be hitting shelves October 2013.

This was one of those projects that when the editor started giving the description of the project, all of us in the art department started licking our chops to get our hands on it and start working. Space opera, psychological thriller, and “corpse soldiers”… what more can art directors want?!

Lauren had been looking for an excuse to use John Harris for some time and this ended up being that perfect opportunity. (She’s gonna write about John in a bit)  We decided to have John create a giant piece of artwork that would be divided up between the three covers in the series. In the end, when all three books are placed together, they will fit like a puzzle to create the single piece that John created.  Here’s a view of the complete piece of art from John Harris.

Once I got my hands on his artwork I started working on the design and typography. We wanted something that was going to ride the fine line of screaming big book, but not overpower Johns amazing artwork.  In the end, I couldn’t be happier with the final package.

Here’s Lauren to talk about working with John! (more…)