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June Events

May 30 – June 3
Kim Stanley Robinson at SpaceFest

May 31 – June 3
Jaye Wells at Imaginales

June 1-3
Rachel Aaron at ConCarolinas

June 5
Kim Stanley Robinson at Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA, 7 PM
N.K. Jemisin at New York Review of Science Fiction, New York, NY, 7 PM

June 6
N.K. Jemisin at New York Public Library, New York, NY, 6 PM

June 7

Jaye Wells and Kevin Hearne at A Real Bookstore, Dallas, TX, 7 PM

June 8
Kim Stanley Robinson at Topping & Company Booksellers, Bath, 7:30 PM

June 9
V.M. Zito at Friendly Neighborhood Comics, Bellingham, MA, 12 PM
Kim Stanley Robinson and Iain M. Banks in conversation at Conference Centre, British Library, London, 3 PM

June 16
Kim Stanley Robinson at Capitola Book Cafe, Capitola, CA

June 23
James S.A. Corey (Daniel Abraham and Ty  Franck) at Alamosa Books, Albuquerque, NM, 2 PM

June 30

Jaye Wells at Murder by the Book, Houston, TX, 4:30 PM

2312: We have liftoff!

It is appropriate that on the launch day of 2312 (US | UK | AUS) by KIM STANLEY ROBINSON, we also celebrate the unmanned flight of SpaceX’s Dragon shuttle aboard the Falcon 9 rocket. But until room opens up on those shuttles for the rest of us, pick up 2312 and travel to the future today.

The response to this book has been wonderful, and there have been a few recent news items that were too good not to share. The Wall Street Journal reviewed 2312 over the weekend saying,

2312” does what sci-fi is supposed to do: combine enthralling scientific sweep with envy-inducing human interest.

Kim Stanley Robinson also recently sat down with to dig down into the gritty details of terraforming planetary objects for space colonization in a special two part interview:

Part 1  |  Part 2

And if you thought that was interesting, just wait. Next you can walk-through the same steps and build your own “Terraria” from an asteroid – like those in 2312! Remember a home is what you make of it.

What is remarkable about 2312 is how topical this book is to the present day. It was a month ago that Planetary Resources announced their plans to mine near-earth objects to world-wide enthusiasm.   Over 2,000 engineers have already applied to work on the project. Working together like this, a future such as the one laid out by Kim Stanley Robinson in 2312 is more than possible.

Cool science in the year 2312

In advance of the release of Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2312 (US | UK  | AUS) we’ve launched a website that walks you through the process of terraforming an asteroid. Build an asteroid terrarium like those in 2312, with any possible landscape – above or below water; one that preserves an existing Earth species or creates new hybrids in never-before-seen environments.

The website gives you a peek inside the ambitious new novel Publishers Weekly called “a challenging, compelling masterpiece of science fiction” and Locus called “as flat-out a celebration of the possibilities of SF as I’ve seen in years.”

Look for 2312’s release on May 22nd!

Cover Story: 2312 by KIM STANLEY ROBINSON

2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson is coming out at the end of May around the globe (US | UK | AUS).  Last week I posted  some wallpapers, and this week I want to explain some of the thinking that went into the design of the book jacket.

The goal was to create a cover that would signal a big book about space, but we also wanted something that reinforced the timelessness of the  storytelling by bringing in mythic symbolism. The cover isn’t a literal snapshot of anything in the book — it’s a collection of symbols that evoke the story.

I don’t want to give away too many of the book’s secrets (some of which are hinted at in the design) but I will explain why there’s a rooster and a sickle silhouetted against the tree.

The two main characters in 2312 are from Mercury and Saturn. You probably remember that in Roman mythology Mercury (like Hermes) wore winged sandals and bore a caduceus. He was also often accompanied by a  rooster (representing the new day.)  Saturn — the god of agriculture, justice and strength —  held a sickle in his left hand and a bundle of wheat in his right. So these two symbols represent two of the key locations in the book. 

There’s also a very simple visual story in the design. As you roll the book over from the front, to the spine, and to the back, you’ll notice the sun going down on each image.

You’ll also notice that the rooster isn’t on the back cover. Why? There are a few possible interpretations for this.  But there’s also a straightforward scientific explanation in keeping with the rigorous logic of the book. Why isn’t the rooster on the back cover?

… It’s nighttime. The rooster has gone to sleep. ;-)

So that’s a bit of background on the design thinking that went into the cover. You can enlarge the cover below to see the sun setting effect.


This was a really fun project and one (as I always do) I feel lucky to be a part of.

2312 by KIM STANLEY ROBINSON: Read the Prologue

A very nice review in the May edition of Locus ends: “2312 is as flat-out a celebration of the possibilities of SF as I’ve seen in years … it’s a catalog of wonders.” It reminded me of the opening sentence of the novel:

“The sun is always just about to rise.”

What a great first sentence, for a novel in any genre, but particularly one concerned – from start to finish – with possibilities.

More early praise for this remarkable novel:


From SF writer Iain M. Banks:

Intellectually engaged and intensely humane in a way SF rarely is, exuberantly speculative in a way only the best SF can be, this is the work of a writer at or approaching the top of his game.

From thriller writer Robert Crais:

Robinson (Galileo’s Dream) delivers a challenging, compelling masterpiece of science fiction…Robinson’s extraordinary completeness of vision results in a magnificently realized, meticulously detailed future in which social and biological changes keep pace with technological developments.

From Publishers Weekly (starred review):

Robinson’s extraordinary completeness of vision results in a magnificently realized, meticulously detailed future in which social and biological changes keep pace with technological developments.

The book will be available at the end of May (US | UK | AUS) and you can read the entire prologue here.

Wallpapers for 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

So… I’ve been sitting on this project for quite some time now and super excited to show you. 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson (UK | US | AUS) is one of those projects that immediately hit home with me. You’ll be able to read more about the design and development of the cover in the coming week. But for now, you get to adorn your digital devices with the in-your-face art from this epic book.

Here’s all the wallpaper download links…if anyone needs a specific dimension made, let us know!




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